5 Thermal Compounds review

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Recently ago we looked at some liquid pro, a couple of liquid metal pads. And now it's time to see some more competitors and put them all in one round up. We've received a bunch of Tuniq TX2, Arctic Cooling… Go To Full Article

VVIKOO GeForce 8800 GT Max 1024 MB

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Even though the GeForce 8800 GT has already been out for a while, it still has the punch to play all the latest games. The VVIKOO 8800 GT Max 1 GB comes with the Zalman VF1000 pre-installed and also features… Go To Full Article

Windows Home Server Data Corruption Fix Status: No official fix until at least June 2

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One question that is getting asked is, “Will I be affected”? We are aware of only a very small percentage of users with confirmed instances of this issue, and we believe that most people are unlikely to be affected. In… Go To Full Article

Availability check: Intel's 45nm Core 2 Duo processors

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45nm Core 2 Duos did in fact hit stores in January as promised, and we even featured the E8400 model in our deal post for January 25. However, the situation has deteriorated since then. 45nm Core 2 Duos seem to… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Unveils GeForce 9500M GS, 9300M G Specs

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Nvidia has unveiled details of the upcoming GeForce 9500M GS and GeForce 9300M G mainstream discrete video cards for notebooks. According to the published specifications, the 9500M GS GPU is identical to the current 8600M GT with… Go To Full Article

AMD appoints Ahmed Mahmoud as new CIO

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AMD appoints Ahmed Mahmoud as new CIO SUNNYVALE, CA – March 11, 2008 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the appointment of Ahmed Mahmoud as CIO. He brings more than 20 years of enterprise information… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9800 GTX to cost €399

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Nvidia's refurbished G92-based 9800 GTX will launch in the last week of March. The card will cost €399 and it will have 768MB of memory. It will also have two SLI bridges and it will… Go To Full Article

9600 GT Outselling 8800 GT

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We found out that 9600GT sales are even better than expected, and the reason is its name. Potential buyers will buy the cards for a simple reason – the higher number. 9600GT isn’t faster than 8800 GT, but due to… Go To Full Article

Intel Larrabee to come in 45nm

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Sources at Intel have confirmed that Larrabee graphic is set to come with 45nm process. However, it won’t commercially ship this year, but we heard that there might be some prototypes in Q4 2008. They simply said… Go To Full Article

Palit acquiring Galaxy a hoax!? Doesn't seem to be

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Previously reported here, Palit was rumored to acquire Galaxy. We talked to Galaxy's PR person at Cebit 2008 who assured us that Galaxy will not be bought out and will remain it's own company. …

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