Slowest RV670 works at 600MHz

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Three terations of the RV670 are coming this year and at least one is planned for 2008. The top one in this year is called Radeon HD 2950XT, the runner up is HD 2950PRO while the last one is called… Go To Full Article

Hellgate London DX9 vs DX10 Shader Comparison

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One of the DirectX 10 games that hasn't gotten much love thus far from the graphics mongers is Hellgate London. Sure, everyone knows about DX10 titles like Crysis, but believe it or not, Hellgate London's visuals really aren't that shabby.… Go To Full Article

Animated WiFi detector shirt keeps you single with signal

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Life's great priorities -- human interaction and network access -- seem to exist in perpetual tension, but those of you who know exactly where you stand might want to check out this WiFi-detector shirt, which will simultaneously inform passerby that… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP3 to ship with features backported from Vista

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Contrary to popular belief, Windows XP SP3 does ship with new features/components, most of which have been backported from Windows Vista. Some included features: 'New Windows Product Activation model: no need to enter product key during setup. Network Access Protection… Go To Full Article

Silverstone TJ07 Modding Project

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A complete visual overhaul of the TJ07 from Silverstone by this XS Forum member, worth a look, be sure to check out the second page with pictures from the final casemod on display at last week's tradeshow in Istanbul!… Go To Full Article

New Blu-ray discs with BD+ DRM failing to play on some devices

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One upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, most consumer products were expected to work "off the shelf" and didn't require frequent "firmware updates" to do so. With the new generation of HD DVD and Blu-ray video players,… Go To Full Article

Elpida Intros XDR Memory Chips at 4.80GHz

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Elpida Memory, a leading manufacturer of memory products, Friday said it had begun sampling of XDR memory at 4.80GHz. The claim emphasizes advantages that the XDR memory architecture from Rambus has, however, given that currently just a few devices actually… Go To Full Article

In Win Enclosure Roundup

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In Win is a company that has been around for a long time. Founded in 1986, these folks have been in the business of making enclosures for over 20 years. Granted, back in those ancient times the enclosure was basically… Go To Full Article

Acer AL2002W 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

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LCD monitors are becoming ever more popular, especially widescreens. A few years ago it was uncommon to see someone at a LAN party with an LCD monitor. Now you can find that most people will bring their widescreen LCD monitor… Go To Full Article

Interview with Intel's Memory Guru, Christopher Cox

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Recently, most of the buzz around Intel's technologies focus on 45nm and X38, but what about memory? We sit down with Intel's Christopher Cox to learn more about XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) and also get a glimpse of what's in… Go To Full Article

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