Mouse Benchmark - compares 17 rodents

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With the launch of the world's first independent benchmarking system for mice, buying a desktop rodent will no longer involve guesswork and luck. Sujoy Roy has been analysing hardcore data and investigating the real world at a fundamental level since… Go To Full Article

Samsung squeezes DRAM and SRAM into OneDRAM

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SAMSUNG says it has developed a prototype 'fusion' memory chip that can significantly increase the data processing speed between processors in mobile applications. Dubbed OneDRAM, the chip is will find its way into mobile phone handsets, game… Go To Full Article

Quad FX's power cost is insignificant to me

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Two FX74 means that at the end of the month with 750W or 1KW PSU you might have to pay a bit more for your power bill. But here is the ultimate answer to those guys. If… Go To Full Article

Asus prepares RD600 board (again)

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DESPITE THE RD600 being AMD's "doomed" chipset for Intel, Asus is finishing a board design for it. It was a very simple decision. It is a superior chipset for Intel, and a much better overclocker than any of Intel's chipsets. Go To Full Article

2x2GB memory kits are coming

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BOTH OCZ and Corsair are working on 2x2GB memory kits. These DDR 2 667 modules are scheduled for launch before consumer Vista. The modules are in the labs now and they will probably announce them in January and start shipping… Go To Full Article

AMD and IBM Detail 45nm Process Using Immersion Lithography

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Intel has said on multiple occasions that its 45nm process is on track for production 2007. In fact, Intel began sampling its “Penryn” 45nm chips just several weeks ago. At the IEDM, IBM and AMD described three technologies that hope… Go To Full Article

A first look at Firefox 3.0

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Mozilla has officially released the first public alpha build of Firefox 3.0. Codenamed Gran Paradiso, Firefox 3 includes the new Gecko 1.9 rendering engine which leverages the open-source Cairo rendering framework and features heavily refactored reflow algorithms that improve Firefox… Go To Full Article

22" LCD: Westinghouse LCM-22W2 vs. Samsung 225BW

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"The Westinghouse monitor has built-in inputs. I really like the inputs, because it allows me to use the monitor as a TV without needing a tuner card and RF modulator. This isn’t a common monitor trait, though, so it really… Go To Full Article

Viewsonic VG2230wm

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"The Viewsonic makes a real feature of its built-in speakers, which are quite evidently underneath the logo. Round the back you’ll find DVI and D-Sub ports, along with an audio input for the speakers. There’s no HDCP… Go To Full Article

abit IL9 Pro Motherboard

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The abit IL9 Pro is an interesting mix of a board. The board is not an enthusiast board but is available on Newegg for under $85, matching or lower than the price of some available 945P boards. The IL9 Pro… Go To Full Article

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