Asus EAX1900XTX Video Card

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It has now been a month since ATI's return to the top in the graphics card arena, after an incredibly problematic 2005 for ATI, they set out to return to the graphics card champion in performance and in availability. By…

PNY Verto Gamer 1 GB (2 x 512) DDR 600 RAM

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Gamers and enthusiasts make up one of the memory industry's most lucrative and fastest-growing markets—and the most competitive—which is no wonder why the battle for mindshare and dollars over this influential segment of computer users is so…

How To Speed Up Your Computer Without Upgrading

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It seems that the longer you own your computer, the slower it gets! It isn't getting slower just because it is older. Read the following article to learn how to speed up your computer without upgrading the hardware.

Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU Coolers (X1/X2)

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The X1 and X2 are drastically different from the NV silencer range that ruled the earth before it. They have introduced heat pipe technology into the equation – a first for GPU cooling. Arctic Cooling claims this improves the cooling…

Ultra Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower Case

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The Ultra Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower Case is a familiar design and is used by many companies. This case though is made from lightweight aluminum and has a high gloss black paint finish. It's an excellent choice for modding or LAN…

DynapowerUSA Blackwidow Case

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Internally, the back is standard with a couple notable exceptions. First, there's a custom PCI retention system. Second, the fan snaps into a pre-installed bracket. The front has provisions for 4x 5.25" bays and 6x 3.5" bays (2 external, 4…

Ultra X2 550W Titanium Modular Power Supply

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Ultra Products was one of the first companies to release a modular power supply that has quickly evolved into "almost" a standard now. A couple of years ago, I showed you their X-Connect modular PSU which was impressive, but there…

Build Your Own Test Bench

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PC cases are notorious for poor component access. If you have seven different video cards to review, or several motherboard/cpu combinations to benchmark, a standard case is a pain. Even if you're just a "Tweaker", being able to get to…

Arctic-Cooling Accelero X1 VGA Cooler

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The Accelero X1 is the latest technology of VGA Cooler from Arctic-Cooling. The Accelero X1 is not only powerful on the stylish look, but also the performance that able to deliver by it. The heatsink is made…

Editorial: Return of the eBook?

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I’ve been interested in Project Gutenberg for a very long time and admire its simplicity as well as breadth – with 17,000 titles. It’s clear that lots of other people also think highly of Project Gutenberg – every month two…

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