Ultra X-Pro 600W EE Power Supply

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Today’s Ultra offering is slightly different from the first Ultra unit we reviewed in that it has been tweaked to try and hit Ultra’s goal of 85% efficiency. Moreover, with the inclusion of a 135mm fan (the second largest I… Go To Full Article

Blu-ray Disc Specification Change Threatens Current Players

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The most common piece of advice given to those unsure about which high-definition optical format to buy is to simply wait until a victor emerges. Early adopters, however, should be aware that being cutting edge could come with a price,… Go To Full Article

Sharper Katana is back! Katana 2 CPU Cooler

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces Katana 2 CPU Cooler, the 2nd generation of the former value-for-money CPU Cooler, Katana CPU Cooler, to the market. This version "2" comes with total 3 heatpipes, unique sloping shaped heatsink fins… Go To Full Article

Corsair Dominator 9136C5D and 10000C5DF memory

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If money is no object and you want the absolute best money can buy then there is simply no alternative available to Corsair's PC-10000 Dominator memory. It's how Corsair has targeted this memory and how we have skewed the final… Go To Full Article

STALKER Tweak Guide

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The detailed STALKER Tweak Guide is now online at TweakGuides, and contains a range of descriptions, tips, tweaks and mods which I think all STALKER players will find helpful. Give it a read through to better customize and optimize STALKER… Go To Full Article

[M] Overclocking the Intel X6800 with Liquid Nitrogen (LN2)

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Using Liquid Nitrogen to control the CPU temperature to gain impressive increases in performances from the highest rated Intel Core 2 CPU. In this article the members of OCTB reach for a new high by chilling an X6800 well below… Go To Full Article

GeForce 8600 overclocked to 1GHz

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The 8600GTS is about to come upon us. It turned out to be a huge surprise for the overclockers... 1GHz Core with just air-cooling! Go To Full Article

Intel hires Quake 4 Ray-Trace guy

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A WHILE AGO, we published an article about Ray-Trace projects using Quake 3 and Quake 4 game engines. Daniel Pohl, the boy-genius behind the project, recently completed his degree at Erlangern University, in cooperation with Saarland Uni. Then Daniel went… Go To Full Article

2.5-Inch External Hard Drives with 120GB Storage Capacity

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It is increasingly more important to be able to move from one PC to another or carry around large amounts of information. Therefore we decided to take a closer look at three solutions that offer great portability, sufficient storage capacity… Go To Full Article

Beyond the teraflops: Why Intel really put 80 cores on a single chip

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So things that people take for granted, like the basic divide between processing hardware and off-chip I/O hardware, are being questioned as part of the project. Indeed, a big part of the project at this early stage seems to be… Go To Full Article

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