How to build your own UPS

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It's public knowledge that South Africa's sole electric company is battling to keep up with demand. You only have to look at my UPS performance summary to appreciate the amount of brownouts we experience in our area of Margate.… Go To Full Article

First Actual CPU Energy Use Statistics Published

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CNN is reporting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in August asked server manufacturers to develop 'miles per gallon' ratings for their equipment that would provide accurate assessments of energy efficiency. IBM says it is now providing 'typical usage ratings'… Go To Full Article

Inside Nvidia's Testing Facilities

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NVIDIA’s Santa Clara campus is actually the third building the NVIDIA employees have called home. They started just down the street from the original Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale, before moving to Apple’s old facilities in Santa Clara. These offices had… Go To Full Article

Meet the 5-Watt, Tiny, fit–PC

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Meet the fit-PC, a tiny 4.7 x 4.5 x 1.5-inch PC that only draws 5-watts, consuming in a day less power than a traditional PC consumes in one hour. By today's standards, the fit-PC has very little horsepower, which makes… Go To Full Article

Sharp's Tiny LCD Doubles As Scanner

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It's all of 3.5-inches but this LCD screen from Sharp features an integrated optical scanner that could be used to scan business cards, but also be used as a method for multi-touch input. The prototype was seen at the Ceatec… Go To Full Article

Copy Windows Drivers From One Machine to Another

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Driver problems are a source of never-ending issues in the Windows world. Often you'll have a working driver on another machine, but don't have the installation cd anymore to install on the new computer. The simplest way… Go To Full Article

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 CPU and Graphics Performance

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Our experiences with Half Life 2 and Episode One kept expectations realistic this time around; Valve has historically sacrificed overall image quality in order to maintain playability on even the slowest hardware. What you'll see here today is that every… Go To Full Article

No Plans to Lower Quad-Core Pricing by Intel

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Even though there are not a lot of single-core chips in Intel’s microprocessor lineup now, quad-core processors are not going to become really affordable soon enough. After Intel introduces its new 45nm central processing units in January, 2008, the company… Go To Full Article

[M] Entry level VGA round-up, 7 Geforce 8400GS compared

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Home users and budget minded enthusiasts have been getting watered down version of high end hardware for years now, the latest Geforce 8 series recently got the same treatment, with NVIDIA introducing the 8400GS part, this lowly priced VGA card… Go To Full Article

Hillbilly How-to: Practical uses for your old computer pieces

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Computers are good for many things -- I use mine mostly for listening to compact discs, playing that awesome pinball game, and checking the finishing times at -- but did you know they can be just as useful when… Go To Full Article

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