NVIDIA GTX 465 detailed ahead of June 1 launch, GTX 460 also rumored

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Hey, you there, wanna check out some unreleased new hardware from NVIDIA? Donanimhaber, the same site that brought us early (and accurate) specs of the GTX 470 and 480, is back with the above shot of an ASUS-built GTX 465… Go To Full Article

ASUS ROG Matrix 5870 Platinum Video Card Review

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It is increasingly difficult for a video card Add-In-Board partner to separate itself from its competition. AMD and NVIDIA already provide robust reference heatsink and fan cooling units and sport an impressive array of features. Fewer and fewer AIB partners… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i5 580M comes in Q4 2010

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Intel launched the Core i5 540M back in January and it will be selling this CPU in the Power Optimised Performance (POP2) market segment until Q4 2010. At this time, the company plans to launch… Go To Full Article

Intel EOLs 50nm based SSDs

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Intel has quite suddenly decided to drop its entire 50nm generation of SSDs in both 1.8- and 2.5-inch format. From now on, or should we say from Q2 2010 onwards, the company will only offer Postville 34nm MLC based 40GB… Go To Full Article

10,000 Cows Can Power 1,000 Servers

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Reducing energy consumption in data centers, particularly with the prospect of a federal carbon tax, is pushing vendors to explore an ever-growing range of ideas. HP engineers say that biogas may offer a fresh alternative energy approach for IT managers.… Go To Full Article

Biostar TH55XE Mainboard: Real Alternative to Well-Known Leaders

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Biostar doesn’t belong to the first-tier mainboard makers but its products are especially interesting for this very reason. It might be an exaggeration, but I believe it would be fair to say that a market leader can actually produce a… Go To Full Article

Google Wave Goes Live!

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Try it out now! Go To Full Article

50 TB Per Tape Cartridge

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Hitachi Maxell and Tokyo Institute of Technology today jointly announced the development of ultra high capacity tape media with ultra thin nano-structured magnetic film by using of facing targets sputtering method. The demonstrated a world-record areal density of 45.0 Gb/in2… Go To Full Article

ASUS Gives Rampage III Extreme 4-way SLI Capability with ROG Xpander

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ASUS has come up with a Frankenstein solution which enables 4-way SLI on the Rampage III Extreme motherboard with full PCI-Express 2.0 x16 bandwidth, called the ROG Xpander. The device is a daughterboard that sits on the motherboard with connections… Go To Full Article

EU Slaps Chip Vendors with Penalties for Price-Fixing

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As many as nine major chip vendors were fined a total of 331 million Euros (US $404.2 million) for participating in illegal price-fixing activities, by the European Union authorities. These include Samsung, Hynix, Nanya, Elpida, Infineon, NEC, Toshiba, Hitachi, and… Go To Full Article

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