OCZ Vendetta & "Freeze" Thermal Paste

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Long gone are the days when OCZ were merely a memory manufacturer, today they produce some decent power supplies (after their acquisition of Pc power) and have a range of cooling products available including CPU coolers and thermal compounds. Today… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology Introduces High-Speed SATA II Solid State Drive

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OCZ Technology Introduces High-Speed SATA II Solid State Drive Delft, Netherlands—March 12, 2008—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (LSE: OCZ), a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled ultra-fast OCZ SATA… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake M9 Mid-Tower Case Review

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Today I'll be looking at the recently released M9 series mid-tower case. There are two versions available, the VI1000BWS with side panel window and the VI1000BNS non-windowed case, which is the one I received for review. Measuring 17" tall by… Go To Full Article

ASUS U6S Ultra Portable

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Petite- check!, Stylish- check! Beautiful- check! No, Im not going through my list of specifications for what you might be thinking. Let me make it more obvious- full featured- check!, speedy- check! What I am looking at is the new… Go To Full Article

CoolIT PURE Liquid CPU Cooler

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The CoolIT PURE Liquid CPU Cooler is an excellent all-in-one water cooling solution. This sealed liquid cooling system comes completely configured with the liquid coolant preinstalled. So there’s no need for any extra installation like many other liquid cooling kits.… Go To Full Article

CrossFire X explored

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AMD's CrossFire X will let three or four Radeon HD 3800 GPUs team up in order to kick some green team backside. How well does it work? We've taken a quick look at AMD's first drivers for CrossFire X, we've… Go To Full Article

RadeonHD Driver Introduces Major Changes

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Following a period of relative inactivity in the xf86-video-radeonhd git tree over the past few weeks, this afternoon Novell's Egbert Eich had pushed forward 55 changes to this open-source R500/600 driver. The AMD Radeon HD 3400 and… Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 3870 Toxic

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Sapphire's new HD 3870 Toxic is built on the same Vapor-X cooling technology that the HD 3870 Atomic uses. This means that the card comes with a single slot cooling solution making it a premier choice for Quad CrossFire systems.… Go To Full Article

Stalker Clear Sky Direct X 10

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We had the chance to see a tech demo of Stalker: Clear Sky Direct X 10 in action at Cebit. We grabbed pictures of the flyby and a video. The DX10 effects are best to be seen with the smoke,… Go To Full Article

Intel Intends to Introduce First “Bloomfield” Chips in Q3 2008

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Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, may bring the introduction of its microprocessors based on the next-generation micro-architecture code-named Nehalem forward. The decision will add pressure on Advanced Micro Devices in the market of dual-processor servers. Go To Full Article

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