Coolink SWiF Fans & Silent Savior

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The appearance of the Coolink SWiF fans are slightly different from what you would expect from standard case fans that are currently on the market. The SWiF or "Silent Whisper Fans" have a nice aesthetic appeal to them…

Quad SLI running on AM2 Athlon FX60 with nForce 590 SLI

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於CeBIT期間,nVidia放置了大量的Geforce 7900GX2 Quad SLi展示於其攤位上,而其他廠商卻只有Foxconn取得樣本於其自家的攤位上展出,配撘其新一代nFo rce 590 SLi(C51XE + MCP55XE)平台(圖一),據nVidia表示7900GX2顯示卡上擁有一顆48X接橋晶片,意思是 對卡上每顆G71晶片為PCI-E x16頻寬,而對外傳輸寬頻亦為PCI-E x16,因此合共擁有48 Lanes,兩顆GPU可以在接橋晶片內交換資料而減少使用對外PCI-E頻寬的數量。而卡上兩顆GPU的MIO接口亦對另一片7900GTX兩顆GPU 作出連接,每個MIO接口擁有2GB傳輸頻寬,令Quad SLi達成完善的傳輸架構(圖二)。

Western Digital Raptor X – Return of the 10,000 RPM King

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Hard drives are vacuum sealed from the factory to prevent the entry of foreign matter on the drive platters. When you open a drive you allow air, moisture and foreign matter into the drive, which results in bad sectors, data…

510Watt not enough to power OC'd FX-60 SLI system

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My PCP&C 510w ASL SLI decided to crap out on me last weekend and take a bunch of stuff with it. The list of casualties is pretty staggering.... FX60....dead. Expert....dead. 7800GTX 512....dead. seagate sata…

DDR1/DDR2 Memory Maximizer Overclocking Device in Alpha

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- first 2 posts show how it raises vdimm with switches - next one shows MIN and MAX using trimmer - switches OFF - next is VTT tracking - next one shows raising vdimm on DDR2 up…

Crossfire runs on Intel 975X chipset

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MSI is showcasing a 975 motherboard that runs two Crossfire cards. As of this show MSI even gives technical support for 975 boards running the two ATI cards. All you need to do is to plug the…

Socket AM2 CPUs three to five per cent faster

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WE HAVE seen many AM2 socket CPUs. Most of them are running at 2.4GHZ and are showcased with DDR 2 800 memory. That is the only way to show any kind of performance difference from the DDR 400 based existing…

XGI stays its own

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THERE have been a lot of rumours about ATI and XGI. The smaller graphics player was acquired by ATI but the red boys just took over the Shanghai and USA based teams. We are talking about roughly 100 people in…

7800 GS is Nvidia's top AGP performer

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We managed to get one of the EVGA cards. Those guys are getting the reputation of the high overclocker and they again managed to make quite a fast card. Its card is clocked to 460 MHz core and 1350 MHz…

XFX to make Apple cards

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SINCE STEVE JOBS BIT THE BULLET and replaced only thing that separated his platform from the PC, it's no wonder that PC companies have begun with serious preparation to enter Apple's upgrade market. Users will be thirsty…

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