Microsoft cuts price of Vista by half..

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THE RETAIL PRICE OF Microsoft Vista was cut by over a half in China on Wednesday in a bid to prevent widespread piracy of the OS. According to the Wall Street Journal, the price cuts on Vista Home Basic and… Go To Full Article

AMD Regains Market Positions in the Second Quarter 2007

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Advanced Micro Devices reclaimed the lost market share in the second quarter following substantial collapse in Q1 2007, according to recently released figures by Mercury Research. The analyst firm believes that AMD had managed to overcome its inventory issues and… Go To Full Article

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Power Supply Review

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After the last PC Power & Cooling product we reviewed we were concerned that PC Power & Cooling may have fallen from grace but while the Turbo-Cool line has stagnated the Silencer line has come into its own. The Silencer… Go To Full Article

Ion Audio set to introduce TAPE2PC USB tape deck

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It looks like Ion Audio is leaving no old school audio format behind, with the company now following up its USB turntables with its TAPE2PC USB tape deck. As the name suggests, the device will let you dust off your… Go To Full Article

How AMD will seek to limit Intel’s Core chip success

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AMD’s Fusion program will bring its CPU and GPU together at the silicon level - all on one piece of silicon. The company has said that its Fusion chips will see use in “laptops, desktops, workstations and servers, as well… Go To Full Article

Sony recalls 416,000 cameras

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THE MAKER of incredible exploding batteries, and recall expert, Sony has had to recall 416,000 defective digital cameras. While there are no problems with the cameras catching fire, or exploding, Sony is a little worried that the case may warp,… Go To Full Article

ATI R700 will support both HDMI and Displayport

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WHEN WE TALKED with folk from HDMI camp earlier this year, it was stated to us that it does not make any sense to support HDMI and Displayport at the same time. It seems that AMD has something against that… Go To Full Article

Foxconn previews upcoming overclocking BIOS for "Mars" Motherboards

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FOXCONN instructs us that it's launching the Mars board come September which includes the Gladiator BIOS. This, according to a press release, has juicy voltages for overclocking and has stacks of extensive voltage control options, said the spinners. Go To Full Article

ATI changes its graphic strategy: New high end GPU every six month

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Sources close to company have confirmed that ATI has changed its strategy. Unlike previous years, the company will switch to a new mode and plans to release a new high end graphics solution every six months. Nvidia and ATI has… Go To Full Article

AMD K10 Quad B2 needs 1.08V for 1.6 GHz

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We managed to find out that the latest revision of the K10 only needs 1.08V to work at its lowest 1.6 GHz clock. You need to get the voltages all the way to 1.38 to get the K10 Quad core… Go To Full Article

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