GIGABYTE iSolo 210 ATX Chassis Review

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Gigabyte has been around for some time and is widely considered a top competitor in the enthusiast motherboard market. However in recent times they have expanded their product line to cover video cards, powers supplies, CPU cooling and chassis. Today… Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 600w PSU

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The Ultra X3 600W unit is the only unit of the series which offers a very competitive price/performance ratio with its price tag being nearly half that of the 800W unit directly above it. The big question is however, is… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Systems Extends Liquid Cooling Technology to the Workstation/Server Market

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CoolIT Systems Extends Award-Winning Liquid Cooling Technology to the Workstation/Server Market Workstation users can now benefit from enhanced CPU performance, lower noise levels, and enhanced reliability Calgary, Alberta – October 23rd, 2007 –… Go To Full Article

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Performance and IQ

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The long waited multiplayer game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is here. How well does it play on current hardware and how good does it look. You may be surprised at some of the OpenGL performance results! Go To Full Article

Nvidia has 50,000 boards for 8800GT launch

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WHEN IT COMES to the October 29th baby from Nvidia, everything is ready and partners are now getting boards from Flextro...Foxco... Nvidia, packing them in retail boxes and shipping them through all possible express shippers for the launch date. Thus,… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 2900GT 256MB GDDR3 priced €149

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Two weeks ago we wrote about HD2900GT prices in the EU and we kept our eyes open for any changes, so here's an update. Back then several retailers were listing Club3D's 2900GT for €184 to €190. When compared to HD2900PRO… Go To Full Article

Intel QX9775 and 9770 at 3.2GHz to launch in Q1

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Intel plans two new CPUs in Q1 2008 and both will have the same FSB and clock speed. Both QX9775 and 9770 will work with FSB1600 and will end up at 3.2GHz. They have 12MB cache memory… Go To Full Article

Nvidia could not make Quad SLI work

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Nvidia was working hard to introduce Tri SLI and our sources have indicated that Nvidia is launching Triple SLI simply because it got far better results than with four cards. Many enthusiast PC vendors were unhappy before… Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800GT is faster than RV670XT

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We can now confirm that Geforce 8800GT will win against RV670XT, clocked at 825MHz with the DDR4 memory at 2400MHz. Nvidia’s chip is more powerful and faster in most of the games and synthetic benchmarks but at the same time… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch Eaglelake in 2Q08

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Intel is planning to launch its Eaglelake series chipsets for mainstream desktop platforms in the second and third quarters of 2008, while the Tylersburg-DT platform for high-end systems will follow in the fourth quarter, according to sources at motherboard makers. Go To Full Article

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