The Amiga is dead. Long live the Amiga!

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THE END OF 2006 brought good and bad news for nostalgic geeks. On the plus side, an unexpected Christmas pressie: on December 24, Amiga, Inc. released AmigaOS 4.0, the all-new PowerPC version of the classic 1980s operating system. The bad… Go To Full Article

Maxtor Shared Storage II 1TB

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"If there’s one thing Maxtor does well it’s build quality. This chunky appliance is extremely well manufactured. The solid plastic shell feels very sturdy and the side panels are covered with rubber panels that also stop the… Go To Full Article

ETASIS ET850, 850 Watt Power Supply

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I received the ETASIS ET850 850 Watt power supply a few days before Christmas and immediately began to wonder if part 2 of my daydream; 'meets the needs of the needs of the greater majority of my readers at a… Go To Full Article

Play Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen in Hi-res

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The Doomsday Engine - An updated engine for all those id games. Looks great, works wonderfully...I myself play in 1680X1050. All you need are the original source files from the games. You should be able to find those with a… Go To Full Article

Top 11 Things Geeks Did on New Year's Eve

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11. Kissed their WoW avatar at midnight. 10. Watched the BIOS date change years. 9. Hoped for a Y2K+7 bug. Go To Full Article

Seagate plans 300TB hard drive by 2010

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PLATTER SPINNER Seagate thinks that it will be able to create a 300 TB hard-drive by 2010. According to Joystick, Seagate boffins are apparently working on a hard-drive which uses heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) techniques. The boffins think that this… Go To Full Article

AMD R600 to suffer another delay - Pushed back to early March?

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The last revision of the prototype chip - upon which a certain "pre-review" is based - also suffers from problems which are serious enough to get another re-spin, sources tell me. This re-spin puts a hold on the launch for… Go To Full Article

More Windows SideShow Devices Caught in the Wild

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We've already seen Asustek's 12.1" SideShow-enabled W5Fe notebook along with Windows Vista Media Center remotes. It comes as no surprise that more SideShow devices are starting to break cover. In the case of the Asustek W5Fe, SideShow allows users to… Go To Full Article

Israeli GPU Company Receives Funding from Intel

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EE Times reports Israeli graphics company Lucid Information Technology Ltd has raised 12 million dollars for research and development. Lucid Information Technology is a small company that employs 27 workers currently. The $12 million is funded by Intel and other… Go To Full Article

Head start: the Xbox 360 and the next generation

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It would make sense for Microsoft to be on the defensive. The Xbox 360 is about a year old, so the company isn't going into the holiday season with the buzz that Sony and Nintendo are enjoying. But having that… Go To Full Article

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