The AACS crack that wasn't: BackupHDDVD

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I will give a little more detail on what we've learned about this hack and just how extensive it is. The short version is that HD DVD appears to have been compromised via a software player, but the compromise does… Go To Full Article

Microsoft introduces Windows Home Server, Sync at CES

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Microsoft's chairman then officially unveiled Windows Home Server. Announcing that "the home is personal again," Gates touted Windows Home Server as the ideal solution for homes with multiple PCs and for people that want their data available everywhere, all the… Go To Full Article

Formation of Hybrid Storage Alliance to push "flashy" new hard drives

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Hitachi, Seagate, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Samsung have joined forces to form the Hybrid Storage Alliance. The group will promote new "hybrid" drives that combine traditional hard drive technology (platters and spindles, oh my!) with massive quantities of flash memory. Why… Go To Full Article

IE7 Compatibility a Developer Nightmare

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Internet Explorer 7 has kicked in at last on all MS Windows OS running PCs because of the fact M$ decided to force it's users to migrate through update. In fact this has started a IE7 Web Developers Nightmare. The… Go To Full Article

Jeantech Storm 700W modular PSU

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“For this review I will be looking at the new Jeantech storm 700w modular PSU, now personally I am weary of this PSU from the outset, don’t get me wrong on the budget side of things in the case department… Go To Full Article

2the Max MaxPower GPX750 PSU using Modular Design

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The GPX750 tested today shows itself to be a very solid power supply capable of handling the rigors of a high-level system even under adverse conditions. With power levels across all three rails that exceeded industry specifications, you can be… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Eliminator MTEC Liquid CPU Cooler

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“If there was one product that impressed me the most in 2006, it was certainly the CoolIT Freezone. What many fail to realize is that this product is unlike any watercooling kit on the market. Why? Well, they happen to… Go To Full Article

Road Trip To CES: Part 3 (The Last Leg)

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"We pulled into Vegas around 6 p.m. PST (8 p.m. CST). I was completely taken back by the amazing view that we had overlooking the city. The picture here is nowhere even close to doing it justice. I plan to… Go To Full Article

Everglide Titan "Fnatic Edition"

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The Everglide Titan "Fnatic" is the first mousepad which is the result of the collaboration between Clan Fnatic and Everglide, hence the name. Everglide has always been known for producing high quality gaming surfaces. A great feature for low-sensitivity gamers… Go To Full Article

Ultra Products Carbon Fiber case

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The use of Carbon Fiber may seem excessive to some, but the light weight material reduces weight, which is great for those who frequently haul their cases around the country to LAN parties. It is these individuals that Ultra is… Go To Full Article

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