AMD's future has limitless possibilities

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In this case, IBM can avoid all the debts/headaches/management buyout etc, and get the best of AMD for next to nothing. And satisfy its long standing grudge against Intel since the PC days. Many an IBMer will tell you "without… Go To Full Article

Foxconn MARS: God of War Performance?

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Quantum Product series shortly that will feature online product registration, access to beta BIOS downloads, forums, tutorials, and competitions designed for computer enthusiasts. Foxconn is also very interested in user feedback for these new products, and the engineers working on… Go To Full Article

Enemy Territory Quake Wars Performance Preview

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The tactical shooter is a highly popular variety of multiplayer games and it is this genre that the famous id Software is making inroads into with their new game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. In this review we’ll find out how… Go To Full Article

PC Power & Cooling Steps Up Warranty Program on All Power Supplies

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PC Power & Cooling, with a long-standing reputation as one of the leading high-performance computer power supply companies in the world, has established a new and improved warranty program for its two flagship models. The warranty for the award-winning Silencer… Go To Full Article

INTEL E6850 Dual Core Processor Review

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A couple weeks back, I went on a bit of a rant regarding my experience with Intel's E6850 processor. While most reviews and several forum posts showed incredible overclocking results, my processor was one of several, as it turns out,… Go To Full Article

OCZ ProXstream 1000W PSU Review

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Extreme gamers and hardware enthusiasts are demanding more power from their machines. Quad-core CPUs and multi-GPU setups make for extreme gaming (and extreme heat), and require a solid power supply that can deliver near-nuclear energy for today's demanding number-crunchers. Go To Full Article

AMD Triple Core Information

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Kyle at [H] has a piece of tech junkie rambling on a Friday afternoon for your entertainment. Go To Full Article

Toshiba's wireless USB can do all sorts

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In a very impressive demo, Lenovo's ThinkPad was streaming 720p video (from the worldly known Microsofts WMV-HD trailer page) from Toshiba lappy through D-Link's UltraWideBand (or Wireless USB) hub. Go To Full Article

Why restraining Microsoft no longer matters

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This may be putting too fine a point on things for Neelie Kroes, the European Union's top regulator. She's playing to her constituency and it wants to see Microsoft weighted down with more regulatory restraints. It may come to that.… Go To Full Article

abit IP35 Pro

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abit shows off their design prowess with the IP35 Pro. Featuring the latest Intel chipset, this board appears to have a lot of performance potential. Just how well does it stand up to the competition though... Go To Full Article

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