Akasa Power Max 1000W

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Akasa's new PowerMax Family of power supplies offers power for demanding gamers and enthusiasts. We test the 1000W version today which has a large number of connectors on extremely long cables in an ATX standard sized case. The unit boasts… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Kublai KL02 Case Review

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Silverstone has always been front and center when consumers are looking for a well-built and thoroughly designed enclosure. The Kublai KL02 does well in continuing Silverstone’s tradition of case-building excellence by offering consumers a mid-tower case that is loaded with… Go To Full Article

Hulk PC "case" Modification - Must See!

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Check out this awesome looking PC "case" mod with Hulk theme: <br> <br> <center><img src= 1></center> Go To Full Article

Thermal Paste Roundup

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Advances have been made in many fields of computer technology from displays to video cards and hard drive capacities to thermal pastes. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that no self-respecting enthusiast would ever be caught using generic white… Go To Full Article

Mod of the Month - September 2007

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It's that time again - the month of September is drawing to a close, so we've been digging through the bit-tech community forums like pigs looking for truffles. Or something like that...but, hey, we found some good ones! Go To Full Article

G92 is dead, welcome D8E

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We wrote about D8M in June and you can read about it here. It is a mainstream card that Nvidia plans to reveal in November. The high end part won't be codenamed G92 and it will be known as D8E… Go To Full Article

RD790 / 780 launches in October

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AMD's new chipset for socket AM2 and AM2+ is about to launch some time in the middle of October. The final chipset revision is out and we are just waiting for the final designs of the boards. … Go To Full Article

Team Fortress 2 Beta GPU Performance

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At 1600X1200 the 8800 cards are still around 100 FPS while the 8600GTS is knocked down below 50. The 2600XT edges out the 8600GT by a frame at 34. On the DX9 side the X1900XTX again looks good at 70FPS,… Go To Full Article

Women own more games consoles than men

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A SURVEY OF games console users shows that more women fess up to owning a games console than blokes. Online Media Daily in its Denizens of Digitivity survey said that 44 per cent of women confessed to… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte P35 board fails EMI tests

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THESE DAYS, Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) compliance is required for nearly all electronic stuff sold in the EU, US and most of Asia. This encompasses various US, FCC and CE tests, among others. So, the user's assumption would be that… Go To Full Article

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