New AMD Quad-Core Opteron to be introduced at 2.3Ghz

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AMD has recently seen rival Intel win a couple of rounds. The company knows that would be a trouble if the situation keeps on. Coming back on the quad-core front, New AMD Quad-Core Opteron (Barcelona) will be soon releasing in… Go To Full Article

No cure in sight for unpredictable hard drive loss

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Earlier this month, Google researchers released a fascinating paper called 'Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population' that examined hard drive failure rates in Google's infrastructure. Two conclusions stood out: self-monitoring data isn't useful for predicting individual drive failures,… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 8800GTX overclocking: does the card OC like you think it does?

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At Thetechrepository forums, Tony has a look at the real clocks of the nVidia 8800GTX cards : "Like everyone else I thought you could clock NVidia cards 1Mhz at time, thing is it actually looks like it… Go To Full Article

Asus Crosshair NF590 AM2 Motherboard

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That time has come again. The urge to upgrade to gain the best performance that I can from what I have on hand. I have been running a fairly low-end ASRock motherboard that has on-board video and a relatively low-end… Go To Full Article

Corsair 2GB DOMINATOR XMS2-9136

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If you are on the lookout for an extreme overclocking kit but don't want to make a huge withdrawal at the bank, then the DOMINATOR 9136 kit will be worth your consideration. Go To Full Article

Build the Perfect HTPC

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The interest in home theater PC's has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. What many will quickly notice when they venture into it is not only what kind of benefits it offers, but just how much better it… Go To Full Article

Windows XP On 8-MHz Pentium With 20 MB RAM

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The guys over at managed to get their Windows XP Professional running on a very minimal box: an Intel Pentium clocked down to 8 MHz with 20 MB of RAM. (The installer won't work with less than 64 MB,… Go To Full Article

High risk security flaw found in Office 2007

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The consumer version of Office 2007, which launched only four weeks ago, is designed to withstand higher scrutiny by malicious code writers, as Microsoft subjected the software to code auditors as part of its security development lifecycle. But researchers at… Go To Full Article

Adtron Introduces 160Gb Solid State Flash Disk

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IDE and SATA 2.5-inch Flash Disks Package Up To 160 GBytes Max Capacity; Include Advanced Data Security Features PHOENIX, AZ - February 20, 2007 - Solid state flash disk manufacturer Adtron Corporation, announces today the… Go To Full Article

Mozilla releases security updates

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Mozilla has released updates to its Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client for Windows, Mac and Linux users, the organization announced Friday Go To Full Article

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