Experience of Pirated DVD vs Legal DVD

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Vote with your wallet... Go To Full Article

Hanwha Japan's tube-powered USB dongle promises DTS audio on-the-go

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If you're of the persuasion that likes to get their DTS surround sound from a pair of headphones (and we ain't), the kids at Hanwha Japan have just the thing for you. The X-Tube is a USB dongle that contains… Go To Full Article

Atlona's VGA to HDMI adapter ditches the brick, does 1080p on USB power

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Laptops or desktops stuck with only VGA output often need a little help to get their content onto an HDTV, and Atlona is there for them. It's introducing another in a storied line of HDMI adapters, this one taking VGA… Go To Full Article

Kingston Digital Ships First 256GB USB Flash Drive

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Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of DataTraveler 310, the first 256GB USB Flash drive in the United States. The DataTraveler 310 replaces… Go To Full Article

Vertex Limited Edition Up To 2.5x Faster Than Normal Vertex SSD

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quick benchmark for you, one of my beta testers ran this with the drive connected as a spare. IOmeter bootup config...Vertex 120 will give you around 75MB/s maybe 80...LE...well have a look. LE has around 2.5X the performance of 120GB… Go To Full Article

How to play HD video on a netbook

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Netbooks aren’t famed for their high-definition video playing prowess, but if you’ve got about $10 and a few minutes going spare, there is a way to enjoy high-definition trailers and videos on your Atom-powered portable. You’ll need… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 480 to launch after Cebit

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The launch of Fermi based GTX 480 still remains slated for the second part of March and the drivers and cards are being manufactured as we speak. A part of Fermi delay was the 2 weeks off for Chinese New… Go To Full Article

Official explanation of controversial Assassin's Creed 2 DRM

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Ubisoft has long had some controversial ideas about how DRM should be used, but when PC Gamer was given a review copy of Assassin's Creed 2 on the PC it seemed as if the reality was going to be much… Go To Full Article

Behind the Windows 7 memory usage scaremongering

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It was claimed yesterday that Windows 7 machines are "alarmingly low" on memory, with 86 percent of Windows 7 machines using 90-95 percent of their physical memory. Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software, a company developing performance monitoring software,… Go To Full Article

New USB Drive Features "Infinite" Storage

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A company called Infinitec has announced a new Infinite USB Memory Device or IUM. The company describes the IUM as the next generation of USB flash drives. The drive promises media streaming capability and claims to remove worry about how… Go To Full Article

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