SRock ION330HT-BD Blu Ray HTPC Review

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ASRock already published different NetTop systems since the previous CeBIT. Now approximately one year passed and their PCs were constantly extended by faster and more power saving NetTop PCs with various connections by ASRock made Mini-ITX motherboards. After… Go To Full Article

Asus Xonar D1

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While most motherboards come with great onboard sound, some of us feel it just isn't enough. This is especially apparent in the so called 'audiophile' type of people. If you crave the most realistic sound then you just might fall… Go To Full Article

ASUS Maximus III Extreme 1156 Motherboard

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The latest in the RoG line of motherboards, the P55 based Maximus III Extreme has found itself in the OC3D labs. How does it fair? Go To Full Article

Webshop lists Geforce GTX 480 and 470 Pre-Orders

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XFX Geforce GTX 480 2GB GDDR5 PCI-Express x16 for $680, XFX Geforce GTX 470 1GB GDDR5 PCI-Express x16 for $499. Go To Full Article

Mole Tests Geforce GTX 480, Spills Some Of The Beans

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The GTX480 with 512 shaders running at full speed, 600Mhz or 625MHz depending on which source, ran on average 5 percent faster than a Cypress HD5870, plus or minus a little bit. The sources were not allowed to test the… Go To Full Article

Dell, how about (end-user) costumer support ?

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The consumer side of the market can see Dell's build quality and support are slipping. They are gonna have to step up soon !!

Oak Trail – Intel's new energy efficient Atom Z series

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Intel has already presented its second generation of the Atom N series called ”Pine Trail” for the laptop and net-top market. It was believed that Moorestown would be the the natural successor of the Atom Z series, whereas new information… Go To Full Article

Microsoft confirms rootkit caused Windows XP blue screens

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When malware writers fail to generate clean, reliable code, just who can you trust? On the heels of many Windows XP 32-bit users facing blue screen of death errors and unwanted reboots, Microsoft is now confirming that there's a little… Go To Full Article

Monday = NVIDIA Fermi Info Day?

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Nvidia fans, this may be a very long weekend for you as on Monday (February 22nd) a 'major announcement' is coming from Santa Clara. As just announced via Twitter, Nvidia is going to have something big to talk about on… Go To Full Article

OCZ’s Vertex Limited Edition Review

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Instead of the Vertex 2 Pro, OCZ will be shipping the regular Vertex 2 based on SandForce’s slower SF-1200 controller. This SSD will carry a pricetag similar to present day Vertex drives, but hopefully offer better performance. For enterprise customers… Go To Full Article

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