Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

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Razer has always been known to produce some of the best mice and sensors on the market. They established their reputation with the Razer Diamondback which has now found a worthy successor. The Razer DeathAdder is the best mouse we… Go To Full Article

[M] Thermalright HR-07 Memory Cooler Review

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Thermalright is known as a very competent and successful manufacturer of aftermarket cooling gear. Today, we take a look at their latest gem, the HR-07 Memory Module Cooler. This passive cooler is made to cool your ram beyond any stock… Go To Full Article

SLI 2.0 Technology In March?

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We heard faintly about NVIDIA SLI 2.0 technology and it is going to launch during CeBIT in March. Little information is available at this moment but we heard that it will be able to support mixed cards. Go To Full Article

DRAM Price Drops Soon?

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While reporting its profit grew by 25% on year in the fourth quarter of 2006 due to strong DRAM pricing, Elpida Memory foresees intensifying price pressure in the first quarter 2007 and estimates that overall prices will drop by 20%,… Go To Full Article

Hacker Releases Tool to Add Third Party HDD to Xbox 360

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Microsoft’s advice to those with their Xbox 360 consoles filled to the brim with demos and videos is simply to just buy another hard drive. That solution may not be cheap, as the official 20GB drive retails for $99.99. The… Go To Full Article

Wii Modchip to Allow Play of Backup Games

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With successful launches of Wii worldwide, console hackers from all over have had the opportunity break open Nintendo’s console. It’s taken only a couple of months, but creators of a “Wiinja” modchip claim that its coded IC is able to… Go To Full Article

ATI plans X1950 GT in February

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The card is based on the RV570LE chip and it will end up clocked at 500MHz core and 1200MHz memory. The card will end up equipped with 256MB GDDR 3 memory. It is set to cost… Go To Full Article

Selected partners can make custom X1950XTs

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ATI, OR should we say AMD's graphic group, decided to let its valuable partners to fiddle with their own X1950XT cards. The firm won’t let its partners mess around with the important X1950 XTX. Go To Full Article

There is no such thing as "SATA II drives", stupid

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While the nice people at SATA-IO are right and while they might not like it, if you do a web search for "SATA II drive" on Froogle, you will find hundreds, probably thousands of sellers advertising kit as "SATA II… Go To Full Article

Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Brisbane 65nm

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A closer look at the X2 3600+ shows CAAFG as the batch code with a 52nd week of 2006 as the packaging date. This puts the CPU as a very fresh off the fab processor. Lastly ADO3600IAA5DL shows us this… Go To Full Article

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