Ex-Seagate employee claims the company stole MIT research, tried to cover up its trac

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Sure, this ain't the first time that Seagate's allegedly run afoul of the law, but this tale will definitely have you breathlessly demanding more (you know, if patent infringement is exciting to you -- which would actually be pretty weird).… Go To Full Article

Google Phone "Nexus One": $530 without contract

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First, the meat. According to the pages, the phone will be available in two ways: as a $529.99 unsubsidized and unlocked device, and as a $179.99 T-Mobile device locked to a two year contract. Sound familiar? It should, because it's… Go To Full Article

Modern Warfare 2 Most Pirated Game of 2009

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke records this year as the biggest ever entertainment launch in history. With 4.7 million units sold in the US and UK during the first 24 hours, it pulled in revenues totaling $310 million.… Go To Full Article

Intel "wouldn't license" bus to Nvidia

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The note said that Intel's defense is underestimated and believe that Intel has a far stronger case than is generally believe. The note added that "cloudy issues" over the FTC lawsuit could provide gains for investors as it believes the… Go To Full Article

Sony Looking at Alternatives to Cell Processor for PlayStation 4

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After facing widespread criticism for complex software development process for PlayStation 3 games, Sony Computer Entertainment is reportedly considering to use more traditional microprocessor inside the next-generation PlayStation 4 video game system. Sony Computer Entertainment has been… Go To Full Article

Intel's Next IGP Slated to Run Sims 3

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Is Intel now focusing on the PC gamer? That's what a recent slide reveals, posted over on According to the image, Intel's next-generation integrated graphics processor will focus on the larger mainstream and casual gaming markets. Simply called the… Go To Full Article

UNITEK adapter turns SATA into USB 3.0

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Online shop Brando has put up for sale a little device made by UNITEK that will add USB 3.0 connectivity to SATA hard or solid state drives. The adapter works with SATA 1.5 Gbps and 3.0 Gbps drives with 2TB+… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GF100 can decode Blu-ray 3D video

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The still elusive GF100 is able to do hardware decoding of Blu-ray 3D video so when it comes out, probably just before the end of the world, in Q4 2012, it will be ready to handle top notch 3D content.… Go To Full Article

DFI unveils Atom N450-powered mini-ITX motherboard

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DFI has today announced the LR100-N16M, its first motherboard to come equipped with Intel's shiny, new, and highly-integrated 1.66 GHz Atom N450 processor. The fresh mini-ITX board targets gaming, industrial control automation, POS and Kiosk, as well as medical equipment… Go To Full Article

PQI unveils its first USB 3.0 flash drive

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Power Quotient International has this week announced the Cool Drive U366, a relatively flashy thumb drive that can brag with its support for SuperSpeed USB aka USB 3.0. Protected by an aluminum casing, the U366 works with USB 3.0 as… Go To Full Article

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