SilverStone announces SST-MS04 External Storage Solution

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The SilverStone MS04 is a versatile 3.5” hard drive enclosure with excellent thermal and functional properties. It has both USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.0) and Firewire (IEEE1394) connections for wide range of applications. With its unique two Firewire… Go To Full Article

Video Games Improve Vision by 20 Percent

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Researchers have found an excuse to let you play games every day, it's good for your vision! "The experimental group played Unreal Tournament for roughly one hour a day. The control group played Tetris, a game the… Go To Full Article

R600 supports up to 4 cards in Crossfire

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ATI is working on making the R600 capable of cooperating with up to 4 cards, quite a bit of GPU processing power if they get it up and running: "The power supply manufacturers are thrilled about four… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA responds to complaints about state of Vista drivers

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Vista gaming with latest Geforce 8800 NVIDIA card impossible due to lack of drivers: "NVIDIA's 100.xx drivers are currently in beta, but GeForce card owners are also reporting problems with the latest officially-supported drivers as well. Some… Go To Full Article

ASUS Striker Extreme Mainboard

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The Asus Striker series aims at providing fully loaded and overclock-friendly platforms for the high end enthusiasts out there: "ASUS Striker Extreme mainboard based on a relatively new Nvidia nForce 680i SLI chipset for Intel processors arrived… Go To Full Article

Seagate Ships 16 Millionth Perpendicular Recording Hard Drive

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Seagate is pushing their new Perpendicular Recording HDDs, but currently they only make up 10% of their shipments: "Perpendicular recording gets its name from the vertical alignment of data bits on the plane of the disk, which… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 07/02 AM

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- Q4 2006 GPU Market Analysis - I-Rocks 4-Way Navigation Laser Mouse - Samsung 22" WideScreen LCD Monitor - IcyDock MB452 eSATA/USB2.0 External Hard Drive

Extending the Vista Activation Grace Period to 120 Days

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A bug exploit? "Unlike other methods that freeze the activation countdown timer, extending the trial to 120 days requires no hacking, cracking or illegal third party files. All one needs to do is log into Windows Vista… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Ignores Vista Upgrade Loophole

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Cheaper Vista versions for the IT knowledgeable people out there: "Microsoft will not close a loophole that offers consumers a cheaper way to upgrade to Windows Vista. The procedure is time consuming, but allows users to save… Go To Full Article

DFI ICFX3200-T2R/G - THE ATI RD600 Motherboard?

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More BIOS options than you can ever comprehend ? "DFI brings the highly anticipated ATI RD600 chipset to the enthusiast. Indeed there is already quite a buzz in the forums concerning this board, but is it really… Go To Full Article

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