Zero day flaw in Firefox 3.6

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A RUSSIAN insecurity outfit has managed to create a zero day flaw for Firefox 3.6 under Windows. The exploit allows attackers to remotely gain control of a Windows PC thanks to a previously unknown flaw in the Windows version of… Go To Full Article

How not to cool your Laptop with LN2

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NVIDIA Changes Specs of GT 240, calls new models GT 320, 330 and 340

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NVIDIA is launching three new GeForces, the GT 320, 330 and 340. Exclusively for OEMs, these models are versions of the GeForce GT240. The GT 320 is a cut down version with only 72 of the 96 GPU stream processors… Go To Full Article

Release date of AMD's 8 Series chipset is somewhere next week

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In the works for quite some time, AMD's new 8 Series chipsets are closing in fast, with a new report claiming that the new silicon will debut next week and continue its roll-out in April. The first 8 Series release… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake rolling out five new "low-cost" Litepower power supplies

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Catering to the needs of HTPC owners, Thermaltake has constructed some more Litepower series power supplies which more emphasis on size and cable management than on providing loads of watts. The new PSUs prepared by Thermaltake deliver 350W (W0363 and… Go To Full Article

Sapphire DisplayPort to Dual DVI Adapter Hits Japan

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If you’re interested in expriencing ATI Eyefinity technology, a monitor with Displayport connectivity is a must. But Sapphire has developed a DisplayPort to Dual DVI adpater to enable Eyefinity support across three DVI monitors. The adapter is right now on… Go To Full Article

EKL Readies Matterhorn CPU Cooler

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EKL brand Alpenföhn unveiled its newest CPU cooler, the Matterhorn. This cooler measures 138 x 100 x 158 mm, and weighs 1067 g (2.35 lbs). The construction is similar to that of several coolers in its category. A pre-lapped copper… Go To Full Article

PowerColor’s Eco-friendly HD 5750 Consumes 21% Less Power

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PowerColor has been focusing on developing environmentally friendly graphics cards, and their green lineup has recently got a new member – Go! Green HD 5750. The card uses passive heatsink with four heatpipes, and requires no external… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 $299, Min 550W PSU Required

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This time on the GTX 470; Price? It looks like the official launch price on this model will be $299 USD. To put this into perspective this is the same price as the HD 5850. Which means from a price… Go To Full Article

[J/K] Radeon HD599999990 To Take On NVIDIA's Fermi

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