CoolIT Systems announces Eliminator, their newest CPU Cooler

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Get excited…CoolIT Systems has just announced its newest CPU Cooler, the Eliminator. Now you can target the heat and kill the noise with the most advanced liquid cooling solution on the market. Aggressively priced at $199 (half the cost of…

DFI RD600 launches December 15th

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It's been delayed more than three months, but we just got word from DFI that the LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G will officially launch on December 15, 2006. Distributors expect the MSRP to be around $220. We first… Go To Full Article

Intel 45-65nm Crossover To Be reached In 2008

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According to Willoner, Intel usually reaches a crossover in CPU production between two latest process nodes once every two years. He said that the company reached the crossover between 65nm and 90nm nodes earlier this year. Go To Full Article

AMD RS690 details trickle down

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First point of note - the RS690 series is an 80nm chipset. That's right: it's looking likely that AMD will have 80nm chipsets churned out before they have widespread availability of CPUs made on anything smaller than a 90nm process.… Go To Full Article

ForceWare Vista 97.34 RTM x86/x64

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We stumbled into a new ForceWare driver for the latest release of Microsoft Windows Vista. In it's original form the 32- and 64-bit packages where seperately released at a 60 MB file-size each. Guru3D has combined… Go To Full Article

How to Quiet Your PC

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Rubber grommets, sound-dampening material, quiet power supplies—will this stuff really quiet down your PC? We take a typical high-end system and case and try to get the sound levels down Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update aka the 1080p fix

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The next time you sign into Xbox Live, you’ll be prompted for a dashboard update. Improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution Improved plug and play performance for wired… Go To Full Article

DirectX 10: The Future of PC Gaming

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DirectX 9.0 has been with us since December 2002 and we have seen some good progress made since its inception. Possibly the biggest evolution was when Shader Model 3.0 support popped up on NVIDIA’s GeForce 6-series hardware in Spring 2004,… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+/5000+ For Socket AM2

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"In this article we'll review another two AMD Socket AM2 processors: Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and Athlon 64 X2 4800+. These are rather interesting because the former has performance rating higher by 200 points due to its 2.6GHz clock rate… Go To Full Article

MSI 975X Platinum Motherboard

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"If you plan on running a high end Intel Core 2 Duo system, you're advised to upgrade your power supply to something that's ATX2.0 compatible and has an ESP12V connector. The MSI 975X Platinum will run on older power supplies… Go To Full Article

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