AMD Athlon 2650e & X2 3250e - Better than Atom for SFF Desktops

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Dell has really come into its own in the past few years. Shedding the image (and fur?) of yet another cheap PC OEM, Dell has tried to make design a more important part of its manufacturing as of late. Not… Go To Full Article

Sandforce SSD controller tested: The Fastest MLC SSD Ever?

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And it only gets more complicated from here on out. The old JMicron drives were easy to cast aside. They behaved like jerks when you tried to use them. Now the true difference between SSDs rears its head after months… Go To Full Article

eVGA posts teaser shot of upcoming dual S1366 socket motherboard

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"The Future... Stay Tuned CES 2010! " Go To Full Article


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HP Ink Costs More Than Human Blood

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As this graph shows, printer ink is rather expensive, and costs more than things like human blood or a barrel of crude oil. … Go To Full Article

Boost a Weak 3G Modem Signal With a Saucepan

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How to improve the connection of a mobile modem

NVIDIA's GeForce 300M series: nothing new on the mobile front

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Seven new cards, exciting stuff right? Unfortunately no as for one, the 'new' GPUs, despite being part of a fresh series, are based on older technology. Since 'bring ye no Fermi' seems to be Nvidia's motto until at least March,… Go To Full Article

MSI unveils its 'green' GeForce GTS 250 cards

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According to MSI, the cards adopt a "GTS 250 GPU with lower voltage decreasing power consumption by up to 25%," which may be true by the whole picture shows that, although less energy-hungry, these models have lower frequencies than a… Go To Full Article

Xigmatek NRP-PC602 600 Watt

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Xigmatek presented this yearly the first power packs of the “NO Rules power” to center - PC series. Meanwhile there are altogether five different versions in the capacity range from 400 to 700 Watts. Compared with the other NRP series… Go To Full Article

LanCool PC-K56W Mid-Tower Computer Case

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Computer cases with enough features and cooling to please any gamer are rapidly dropping in price. Manufacturers are noticing the demand for affordable gaming rigs and reacting accordingly. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the LanCool PC-K56W-B Mid-Tower Computer Case.… Go To Full Article

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