Sapphire HD 4850 TOXIC in Crossfire

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We’ve literally loved everything about the HD 4850 since its release. The only thing that worried me was the high temperatures coming out from behind the card. While the stock single slot cooler is an excellent choice, it simply isn’t… Go To Full Article

Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler Review

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In today's CPU cooler marketplace, there's some enormous air-cooling solutions. Which is all fine, except many won't physically fit in some cases. Well Scythe has come out with a 3 heat-pipe CPU cooler that is only 64mm high! The question… Go To Full Article

XFX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard Review

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This motherboard is available online for $150, making it targeted for the mid-range market and not the enthusiast motherboard market another board in the $200-300 range would be in. The board has support for SLI after setting jumpers and enabling… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology Introduces the first P45 Special 8GB and 16GB memory kits

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OCZ Technology Introduces the first P45 Special 8GB and 16GB memory kits Addressing the never ending need for greater amounts of system memory, OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (LSE: OCZ), a worldwide leader in innovative…

Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer Review

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You can see all manner of designs and technology these days on CPU coolers ranging from the weird and wonderful, to the more conservative and stylish. But it is the technologies behind the cooling that matters the most to any… Go To Full Article

AMD 790GX Onboard GPU Performance Review

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The new SB750 Southbridge sees some fundamental shifts from the SB700 which cured USB woes of previous ATI Southbridge chipsets. As mentioned earlier AMD's new Advanced Clock Calibration is supported by the new SB750 which allows for much better overclocking… Go To Full Article

Compustocx CSX DIABLO3-2000-2GB-KIT

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Hardwareoverclock Austria has posted another memory review. Last week they reviewed the CSX DIABLO3-2000-2GB-KIT. This Bundle is clocked with 2000 MHz and perfect for all overclocking systems. The Performance with 2000 MHz is very fast, this is already well known.… Go To Full Article

A first look at Nvidia's GPU physics

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If you'd told me a year ago that my PC would have hardware PhysX support today, I'd have been a little dubious. Last summer, running hardware game physics simulations involved shelling out $150-200 for a PhysX card, and all you… Go To Full Article

AMD Deneb Review Hits the Web

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AMD pushes onward 45nm! New craft Phenom preview We must stress once more that this test is only a section of early project sample, goes on the market finally by no means the product, it also has… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 and 260: Gaming Performance Review

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Although it is but slightly faster than the Radeon HD 4870 and GeForce 9800 GX2, the GeForce GTX 280 can be viewed as the fastest single graphics card in the price category of $499 because the GeForce 9800 GX2 doesn’t… Go To Full Article

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