R650 is improved and redesigned R600 - HD 2950 XT on the way

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As the chip is going to be shrunk, you can expect significantly less energy consumption. All together this will be what R600 was suppose to be, a Geforce 8800 GTX / Ultra killer, but the problem is that Nvidia will… Go To Full Article

Forceware 94.24 WHQL is out

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ForceWare 94.24 is primary here to add support for the Geforce 7200 GS, but it probably gives a performance boost for entire Geforce 7 series, and some games and obviously fix some game errors. Go To Full Article

ATI R700 details leak out - going to be multicore 55nm

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We got confirmation that the R700, a chip that is scheduled for the 1H of 2008, is going to be manufactured at 55 nanometre. Our knowledgeable sources also confirmed that R700 is a multi core design and DAAMIT calls it… Go To Full Article

AMD Barcelona Launch Pushed Back?

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The sources noted that AMD has informed them that the introduction of Barcelona will be delayed until August or September, instead of the originally planned June. However, the sources also noted that this schedule is still subject to change. The… Go To Full Article

Holographic Storage Slated to Hit Market This Fall

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Could magnetic tapes, hard drives and optical disc formats like Blu-ray be replaced by a data storage format that uses holograms? The world's first commercial holographic storage system is launched this autumn, with the product able to store the equivalent… Go To Full Article

Samsung 226BW: the story goes on

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It is getting a bit ridiculous. The article published on the different version of the 226BW is a problem for Samsung. Even if the manufacturer hasn't promised the implementation of S type panels in the monitor, there are some unhappy… Go To Full Article

abit AB9 QuadGT Motherboard

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abit’s latest Intel P965 based board, the AB9 QuadGT, touts full support for both ATI CrossFire dual card configuration and the latest quad core Intel processors. But will that be enough to ward off the other top performing P965 based… Go To Full Article

[M] NVIDIA Geforce 8800 Series Overclocking Guide

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In this in-depth guide we show you how the extract the highest performance from your Geforce 8800 video card, push that GTS past GTX speeds and turn that GTX into an Ultra-beater by following the steps outlined. We evaluate the… Go To Full Article

XFX 8800 Ultra XXX Video Card

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Lots of people are comparing it to the performance of overclocked 8800 GTX cards too, which sometimes out perform the stock clocked 8800 Ultra. I can’t really speak to that since I don’t have a stock clocked 8800 Ultra to… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Toughpower 1000watt Modular PSU

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Power, we all think we have enough when it comes to our computers. With the increasing performance and power consumption of todays latest and greatest hardware, the lowly power supply is often an overlooked component. We don't hesitate to spend… Go To Full Article

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