Certification testing for 100Mbps cable modems begins, 2008 rollout eyed

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CableLabs has begun testing the first set of DOCSIS 3.0 gear, as five companies have submitted cable modems to the organization for official approval. We've seen precertification equipment tested, and some cable ISPs in Asia have rolled out pre-DOCSIS 3.0… Go To Full Article

Photo of AMD R680 spotted

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Both cores’ frequency are 777MHz, the same as HD 3870’s. And R680 is using 1GB GDDR3 memory. Source indicate that the retail version’s frequency is still unidentified. Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 680i Chipset Can't Handle Quad Core Yorkfield

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IT HAS LONG-RUMOURED on Internet forums, but now a moderator at EVGA forums has appeared to confirm that Nvidia's Nforce 680i chipset fails to support all 45nm processors from Intel. In a weird flashback to Nforce4 SLI shenanigans, with its… Go To Full Article

R700 to be named HD 4000 ?

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There is a big chance that the R700 generation will carry Radeon HD 4000 generation name, but there is also a chance that ATI will lose the HD prefix or completely change the name. Since the… Go To Full Article

Ageia PhysX UT3 Maps Fail to Impress

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Reaction: Immediate disappointment. On the standard gaming rig we use – housing an Athlon 64 X2 4800+, a GeForce 8800 Ultra and 2GB of RAM whilst running Vista – the framerate fell through the floor. What had previously averaged at… Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800M for Laptops tested

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In short, in the 8800M GTX we finally have a genuine gaming part for the DX10 generation. Obviously, it's still not quite as fast its desktop equivalents, but it's more than comparable, which is a massive step forward to what… Go To Full Article

Intel's X48 chipset continues to support DDR2

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Although there has been some reports of Intel's X48 chipset shunning support for DDR2 memory, this isn't the case at all, in fact, Intel has improved the memory controller on this chipset to enhance DDR2 support. The… Go To Full Article

ASRock launches AMD Phenom Board with AGP&PCIe

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The ALiveDual-eSATA2 is powered by the older nForce3 250 Chipset and ASRock not only gives you one AGP 8x slot but also x16 PCI Express slot. You do need DDR2 for this board. It comes with tons of other features,… Go To Full Article

Diamond Viper HD3850 Crossfire Review

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At a price of $179 each, ATI/Diamond have positioned the HD 3850 series to compete on both price and performance in the $150 to $250 price range. With the migration to the 55 nanometer process, the consumption of power has… Go To Full Article

Abit IP35-Pro motherboard

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Even if at present already the X38 plates comes from the holes and replaces the P35 chip set, the boards are still current and also in demand. The first models were already at the beginning of of June 2007 available,… Go To Full Article

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