HIS Radeon X1650XT and X1950PRO

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"We have with us a pair of cards from HIS, one the Radeon 1650XT and the other a Radeon 1950PRO. We will see what these particular cards from HIS have to offer us along with what card is best for… Go To Full Article


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Some of today's high-end cases are solving the ever present heat issue by adding a large number of 120mm fans, and that is exactly what the NZXT Zero has done to make sure that no matter what processor you choose… Go To Full Article

Team Xtreem Dark 2x1GB PC2-6400

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I was a bit caught off guard with the Team Xtreem Dark but with an amazing looking heatspreader, lifetime warranty, impressive overclocking, and a price I can live with, how could I complain? As I have said, some… Go To Full Article

Enermax Glory Case

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Enermax has provided a "one-touch-backup" solution in their external hard drive enclosure, the Glory. However as we quickly found out, the key backup features are not as glorious as the rest of the product. Go To Full Article

Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H G965 Express Motherboard

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"Off the shelf, the Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H comes with the "-8KS2H" feature set; 8 for 8-channel High Definition 'Azalia' audio, K for dual Gigabit LAN, S for plenty of Serial ATA II hard drive support, 2 for DDR-2 and H because… Go To Full Article

Evesham SilverEdge 300AH Server

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"Evesham Technology has always been a big player in the entry-level server market and its latest SilverEdge 300AH aims to deliver support for Intel’s dual- and quad-core Xeon processors but at a price the small business can… Go To Full Article

Spire BlackFin Case

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"Spire has featured prominently on XSReviews for their range of power supplies that they provide, but today I have one of their new cases; the soft skinned BlackFin. Hopefully their skill at power supplies will rub off on their case… Go To Full Article

4 Water Cooling Radiators Compared

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In the watercooling, the radiator holds a very important place. There are various sizes, in materials which are generally copper or aluminium. In this article, we will be interested in these 2 types of materials in a circuit of watercooling,… Go To Full Article

Various sex positions as demonstrated by LEDs and resistors

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In case you ever wanted to see some light emitting diodes and resistors demonstrate various sex positions, here's a gallery. Don't worry, there's no nudity or anything gross, they are just integrated circuits for god's sake! (src: Go To Full Article

[M] Cooler Master CM Stacker 830 Evolution Review

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What has four wheels, high performance and comes with an insanely high attention to detail? The CM Stacker 830 Evolution is Coolermaster's latest high end enclosure which can fit up to nine 120mm fans, has 9 5.25 inch drive bays… Go To Full Article

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