Apack Zerotherm CF900 Copper Heatpipe Intel Socket 775 CPU Cooler Review

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Granted, the ZEROtherm CF900 isn't up to the task for maximum effort overclockers, but that's not its target. No gimmicky design elements, no LEDs, just solid, quiet everyday performance. The CF900 would be an excellent choice for any application where…

Temple of Nod case mod

@ 2006/09/19 read/post comments(3)
Swedish Command & Conquer fan, and bit-tech forum member, Edvuld has harvested a mountain of tiberium and used it to create a top-notch case mod: Temple of Nod. Follow his project from conception to its LED-tastic completion in another bit-tech…

Cooler Master Stacker 830 - Back in Black

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Whilst the black variant of the Stacker 830 is a new release for Cooler Master, we note that the design is far from new, and with a PSU-less price of £175 it's also one of the market’s most-expensive chassis.

Vantec Stingray WaterCooling Kit Review

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The Vantec Stingray does surprisingly well for a single 12cm radiator water cooled system. It is also what keeps the Stingray from really performing as it easily could do much better with a dual 12cm radiator. While it's a shame…

Samsung SyncMaster 242MP 24" LCD Multi-functional Monitor

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Last month we had the chance to review one of Samsung's largest LCD display's with their 24" 244T monitor. The 244T was a very good performer and quite enjoyable to review. Needless to say when the Fedex man came to…

Sansun Galaxy

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It's great that Sansun has continued to strive in the computer case market. With the debut of the Bat case, many people did not like the theme of the case. The introduction of the Galaxy is bound to…

Zalman ZM360B-APS Power Supply

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This power supply is only 360 watts, which is not a lot, considering most power supplies these days are 600 watts and above. It is enough though for a modest computer setup. Despite the low wattage, it does have an…

Asus CrossHair Review

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Moving back to the IO ports we see this is not your typical board. The keyboard and mouse PS2 connectors are there, but beyond that things have changed. To the immediate right is SPDIF audio connectors in the form of…

Shuttle's Smallest SFF PC Yet: XPC X100

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Shuttle has evolved from a motherboard OEM to the inventor of the small form factor barebones to a company that sells fully integrated systems. They're still doing the SFF thing, though, and the X100 is clearly an attempt to woo…

Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink

@ 2006/09/18 read/post comments(0)
Enthusiasts shouldn't be expecting the world from such a small heat sink, but at the same token, there's no chance of breaking the bank, bending the board, or even botching this installation. So in the end, this sink is an…

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