ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity delayed to end of March?

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The ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity edition, which has been demonstrated all the way back in November 2009, was finally set to see release next week. However, Fudzilla's sources from Cebit claim ATI have once again delayed the HD 5870… Go To Full Article

Gelid shows its GPU coolers

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Gelid will have two versions of the VGA coolers, one for high end and other for mid-range and entry-level cards. The big one will feature dual fans with a total of five heatpipes and two heatsinks. The smaller one targets… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 To Feature 2x6-Pin Power Connectors, 220W TDP

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According to our sources, the GTX 470 will indeed have only two 6-pin connectors. Of course, bare in mind that we are still talking about information that didn't come directly from Nvidia and that there were some talk about PCB… Go To Full Article

OCZ Actuator (NIA) Gets More Futuristic

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The one thing that left us completely stunned is the little profile that Dr. Michael Schuette made in order to show the real potential of NIA. After opening a blank notepad file, Dr. Shuette was able to write a whole… Go To Full Article

Enermax MODU87+ 700W Power Supply

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The Enermax MODU87+ 700W represents the first totally new design from Enermax in the ~700W range that we have seen in a couple of years now and with it comes a whole lot of goodness. The MODU87+ 700W has good… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale Processor Review

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I would even take this a step further and tell our readers that if you are looking for a budget gaming system the Core i3-530 would make a decent choice and should at least be considered for the job. I… Go To Full Article

Judge Orders Fake "Killer Giraffe" Story Removed

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A state judge ordered a Web site to pull a story about a fictional giraffe attack at Global Wildlife Center in Folsom. District Judge Brenda Bedsole Ricks signed the temporary restraining order Tuesday and scheduled a hearing… Go To Full Article

Nvidia and Rambus are in a patent tussle

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According to Reuters, the alleged infringements concern patents that Rambus claims Nvidia used without licence or consent. The USPTO was split on the legal dispute and ruled that one Rambus patent had been infringed, another claim was decided in Nvidia's… Go To Full Article

MSI GT660 Gaming Laptop Video Preview

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MSI SHOWED OFF its GT660 gaming laptop at CeBIT this year. MSI worked with Dynaudio for high quality sound and the model features two hard drives and Turbo technology for overclocking Go To Full Article

Mach Xtreme Tech debuts with SandForce SSDs

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Young Taiwan-based memory and storage company Mach Xtreme Technology has this week introduced its first solid stated drives which are part of the MX DS Series and make use of the SandForce SF-1222 controller. Coming in 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and… Go To Full Article

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