Dual-Core NetBurst-Based Intel Processors

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Today on our arena we have dual-core processors based on Intel's NetBurst architecture - perhaps, one of the most controversial architectures in the history of x86-processors. It started out with disappointments and faint hopes, then justified the hopes and made… Go To Full Article

SilverStone SG03 SFF Case Review

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The SilverStone SG03 Case is one of the very best Small Form Factor cases on the market. The reason being is you can fit just about everything you need inside with very few restrictions. That's includes the NVIDIA 8800 GTX/Ultra… Go To Full Article

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 FlexXLC Edition Memory Review

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We here at got our first look at OCZ's FlexXLC “Hybrid Cooling Solution” at the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas back in January. OCZ was displaying the very same kit that we will be looking at today, the… Go To Full Article

Origen AE S21T HTPC Enclosure Review

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The Origen AE S21T with a retail price of about $1000 is the company's flagship HTPC case. Its features like unique layout, incredibly solid construction, modern design, 12.1 inch full HD capable motorized dropdown touch screen and insane price are… Go To Full Article

Zalman ZM-MFC2 Review

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Zalman are most well known for their exploits in the cooling and case making side of computers. Today however I have their cryptically named ZM-MFC2 which is your standard fan controller with a wattage twist. With rising temperatures and noise… Go To Full Article

XClio Propeller Case Review

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Anyone who wants to have a high end computer knows that keeping it cool is one of the most important factors. A properly cooled computer will run smoother and last longer. This is where you start to see some of… Go To Full Article

Intel New Pricing

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More to come from Intel. Go To Full Article

G9 mouse and G15 keyboard officially confirmed...

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After jmke announced it a couple of days ago, it's now officially confirmed by Logitech. The G9 gaming mouse is, with features like adjustable weight, interchangable grips and profiles, really a wanna have for all of you hardcore-gamers and gadget-lovers… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 EATX Case Review

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In 2004, Cooler Master released its Stacker STC-T01, considered a legend and pioneer of case design. Its unprecedented 11 drive bays, dual power supply mounts, build quality, and simple but elegant design gave users a level of… Go To Full Article

Nokia E70 vs Apple iPhone

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No, I'm not going to get an iPhone, quit emailing me about it. I'm not getting one because I already have a phone that's better: it's called the Nokia E70, it's the pinnacle of human achievement, and I love it… Go To Full Article

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