SuperTalent PC3500 CL2 2GB Memory

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Since being introduced to our first SuperTalent ram products just over 2 years ago we have seen a small company hit the mainstream. In the beginning we dealt with a distributor as a go between for product to review and…

nVidia High-End Graphics Cards for Second Hand Buyers

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We’re going to be having a look at the current cream of the crop nVidia cards to see what you want to buy with those hard earned dollars of yours. We will have a brief look at the cards but…

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 CPU Benchmarks & Reviews

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YOU'VE GOTTA LIKE Intel's Core 2 Duo processors. After struggling mightily with performance and power consumption problems in the latter-day Pentiums, Intel came roaring back with the Core 2 Duo, producing a chip that goes like stink without spinning the… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology announces the GameXstream 850W PSU

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Sunnyvale, CA—November 1, 2006—OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and components, today announced the addition of an 850W power supply to the GameXStream family. Building on the acclaimed performance and features of…

Catalyst 6.10 Performance Comparison

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Late however straight still in October! Immediately the Catalyst 6,10 is available for the Download. Among other things it is with the Intel chip corroding 965, at whom Crossfire added performance, 3DMark 06 with approx.. 6% performance increase and 3DMark…

ATI Catalyst 6.10 with Control Panel

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We have noticed that some people still prefer to use the old ATI Control Panel over the Catalyst Control Center (CCC). As a result we have decided to incorporate the Control Panel into the newly released Catalyst 6.10s. This time…

Tell Corsair why you love them and Win Gold Plated Memory Sticks

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Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high performance enthusiast computer products, today announced total premium module shipments for calendar year 2006 year-to-date surpassed 1 million units. Corsair premium modules include the award-winning XMS™, XMS PRO™, XMS XPERT™ and the newly released…

The Wii's brains finally exposed?

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Back in August, a set of alleged specs were leaked for the IBM-designed "Broadway" CPU that forms the brains of Nintendo's forthcoming Wii console. I took a look at what the leaked information said about Broadway's microarchitecture, and noted that…

World of Warcraft can cure obesity

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Dubbing his method 'warbiking' Greg was able to do 100 hours of cardio biking which would have meant him dropping dead of boredom if he had not had his favourite game beside him. Of course real biking…

Both G80 and R600 to sport native HDMI support

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BOTH Nvidia's upcoming G80 and ATI's yet-to-come-in-2007 R600 chips have native support for HDMI. Actually, maybe Nvidia has this on its I/O chip but the bottom line is that the G80-based Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS have native HDMI support.

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