AMD low wattage CPU is stripped Sempron

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Unfortunately, if you look at the specs, you'll see that this isn't a "new" CPU at all. This "new" CPU is just a slowed-down, cut-down Sempron. They underclocked the chip, slowed down HT, then cut out a memory channel and… Go To Full Article

Fancy images prove HSF Lapping Drops CPU Temperature

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Heatsink lapping has been used as one means to improve heatsink performance. As part of evaluations IC Diamond is doing to better understand user thermal grease performance data, a special pressure sensitive film from Sensor Products was given to a… Go To Full Article

ATI currently says no to CUDA

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We've asked ATI executives about CUDA and possibly PhysX support and ATI explicitly said that for the time being ATI wants to support open platforms and technologies and that CUDA is not one of them. Go To Full Article

Microsoft promises to support Windows XP until 2014

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In an unprecedented move, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has committed to providing support services for its soon to be retired Windows XP through 2014 -- a full 13 years after the operating system was originally released. In a… Go To Full Article

Real-World Firefox 3 Memory Usage Leads the Field

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I developed a Windows Forms application in .NET called Memory Watcher that "watches" the system memory numbers. It uses a timer to poll the processes every 3 seconds. It then records every number and also prints them out in a… Go To Full Article

Seasonic S12-II 500W power supply

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The thing is, there's a minimum cost in making a quality power supply. You can buy cheap supposedly branded devices but why risk it? Seasonic produces a quality device that works exceptionally well, looks great and has all the right… Go To Full Article

Corsair Launches Memory For Newest Mac Pro Systems

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Corsair a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today the launch of their new Mac Memory kits made especially for the newest Mac Pro desktop systems. The new Corsair Mac Memory kits are fully-buffered 800MHz… Go To Full Article

OCZ Announces Partnership With Fatal1ty

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OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and PC components, today announced a partnership with Fatal1ty and Auravision, Inc., who manages the prominent brand name. Under the agreement, Fatal1ty and OCZ will… Go To Full Article

Highest FSB on Intel Platform? 725Mhz with BioStar TPower I45

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Youngpro, who is based in Australia, first reached 685MHz, but then trumped his own record by using LN2 and broke the FSB world record by climbing to as high as 725MHz. <br> <br> CPU Arch : 1 CPU… Go To Full Article

Benchmark Reviews 200K Contest

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It wasn't all that long ago that Benchmark Reviews was throwing a contest for when we reached 100,000 unique visitors, but since the staff and I have been putting in some long hours to produce a wide variety of content… Go To Full Article

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