GeForce 7800GT Voltage BIOS Softmod

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Not everybody knows how to perform a voltage mod. Today we’re giving 7800GT users a small gift - this universal 7800GT BIOS image contains a small voltage mod of 0.1v in 3D mode, meaning you will be able to overclock…

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium 975X Motherboard

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Improving on the P5WD2 with the Intel 955X chipset, Asus has released the P5WD2-E Premium based on Intel’s newest chipset the 975. Asus is known the world over for producing the best Intel based motherboards. Combining stability with a lot…

Heading off to Boot Camp

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Curious about Boot Camp? We were. Ars spent some time using Windows XP and trying a couple of other operating systems on Intel Macs (including Windows Media Center Edition), and we're here to tell you what we've learned in the…

OCZ EB PC4000 2GB Platinum Memory Kit

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There is no doubt that DDR's days in the spotlight are numbered. With the arrival DDR2-based on Intel's 775 machines months ago and the upcoming use of DDR2 memory on AMD's AM2, DDR has begun to show its age. Despite…

ATI R600 Details Leaked

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The R600 will also be the first practical implementation of ATI’s GPU concept. This is something we would be very interested in seeing because if this works as well as ATI claims, then apart from cutting down CPU load, it…

PSU Decision Making Basics

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Choosing the right PSU for your modded system can sometimes be a challenge, but the information contained within this Modding 101 should help make choosing the right PSU for your PC a little easier.

MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboard

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It's been a fun and bumpy ride for socket 939 owners, and now that AMD's new socket is poised to jump on the scene this summer with a return to 940 pins and DDR2 support, is there any…

AMD says no CEO changes planned

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Advanced Micro Devices Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz's role at the company has not changed, AMD said, contrary to rumors that Ruiz plans to step down as CEO. An internal memo outlining changes in the company's…

IBM bakes security into processors

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Researchers at IBM have come up with a way to hard wire encryption technology into a microprocessor, promising a more secure way to store data. IBM plans to announce availability of the new technology, dubbed Secure…

Connect 3D and Sapphire Blizzard Radeon X1900 XTX

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Today we are looking at two cards using ATI's current top-performing solution, the X1900 XTX. One of the cards is made by Sapphire, a company known for its innovative graphics card designs. This card features a slightly different take on…

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