MSI 8800GTX OC Liquid Edition

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Nvidia's 8800GTX has been dominating the high end GPU market for around 6 months now and there has been little variation in this department. However, MSI have now released an overclocked GTX with its own water cooling setup. This is… Go To Full Article

CFI 4-Bay eSATA Port Multiplier RAID Enclosure

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I think everyone who has anything more important than the latest round of email jokes on your system should have some sort of Raid setup, or at the very least external backups. And I see no reason not to check… Go To Full Article

ASUS P5B Premium Motherboard

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The P5B Premium is ASUS’ latest introduction in their P5B series, touting full Windows Vista Trusted Platform support. With the stellar performance seen with the rest of the P5B series, this board shows lots of promise. Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 1000W Power Supply

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The Ultra X3 1000w is the largest capacity power supply from Ultra to date and comes dressed to the nines to top it off. With this package Ultra is attempting to take on the very difficult high-end computer user, modding… Go To Full Article

Geforce 8600GT vs 7600GT

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The 8600 GT is a joke in my opinion and does not deserve to be part of the x600 GT series. If anything, what we have see here today should have been performance delivered by the 8500 GT, not the… Go To Full Article

Hack Your Way to a 120GB Xbox 360 HDD For $100 Less

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It looks like Xbox 360 owners have another way to get 120GB of storage on their consoles -- with some caveats of course. Those wishing to perform the mod must purchase a Western Digital SATA BEVS-LAT hard drive (no other… Go To Full Article

Easy Case Painting Guide

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Today we are going to show you the simple way to paint a computer part, though our directions are merely guidelines, and some steps may need to be repeated to be perfect. Following our directions and we will show you… Go To Full Article

Ultra MicroFly SX6 Case w/XVS 600 Watt PSU

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Ultra Products recently released three new versions of the MicroFly case, the BX6, MX6, and SX6. The new versions of the MicroFly still use the same basic layout and structure with a few modifications to the design. The Go To Full Article

Yuugou Japanese case mod

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How much wood can a wood modder mod if a wood modder would mod wood? Nick Falzone (aka Greensabbath) has created the successor to his Sangaku case mod and the result is spectacular. Allow us to present: Yuugou. Go To Full Article

Crucial 2GB Kit ECC DDR2-533/PC2-4200 (CT2KIT12872AA53E) Memory

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The company Crucial offers high performance PC2-8500, PC2-8000, PC2-6400 and PC2-5300 modules, but they also provide several inexpensive DDR2 alternatives like e.g. the PC2-4200 modules. The high performance series of Crucial has been already reviewed and overclocked on, so… Go To Full Article

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