MSI Memory Lover Motherboard Review

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The board does also does feature pins for an extra COM connector, for a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) which is not included; the JFP2 features the pins for the speaker connector and the power led connector; the JFP1 features the… Go To Full Article

Patriot Memory Releases Tri-Channel Signature Series Memory Kits

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Patriot Memory Releases Tri-Channel Signature Series Memory Kits Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium memory module and flash memory solutions, announced today the release of their DDR3 Tri Channel Signature Kits. "With today's… Go To Full Article

Corsair Dominator 1866C8 TEC - Peltier-cooled memories

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Normally you don't even consider the heat coming from the memories. Some have more exclusive heatspreaders than others, some even come with a fan setup, but overall they tend to just work. But when you start packing high-density modules, raise… Go To Full Article

Intel and NVIDIA to work out a deal for future motherboard chipsets?

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Intel said this afternoon that if it was to win the suit it filed against Nvidia, it would consider re-negotiating the agreements it has with its rival. "I wouldn't rule out a re-negotiation if we win the… Go To Full Article

Managed Flash Technology (MFT) SSD Acceleration Software

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Patent pending Managed Flash Technology (MFT) is software that performs random writes up to a thousand times faster than was ever possible before. Flash Solid State Drives (SSDs) random read up to fifty times faster than Hard… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Plans to Buy 3DV Systems

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A classic scene in Back to the Future Part II. Two kids in the '80s theme bar manage to get an arcade game working. Marty McFly tells the kids that the game is Wild Gunman and that he's a crack… Go To Full Article

Dell FX160 Atom N330 Powered Slim Client Features SIS Chipsets for NB,SB and VGA

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SIS HAS COME out of its tech-torpor to join in on the Atom fun and say it's managed to score a dual-core Atom design win with Dell. The Dell FX160 is a slim client powered by the Atom N330 dual-core… Go To Full Article

Rear-Projection TV Turned into a Multi-touch Display

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Continuing our multi-touch research, we’ve been working on turning an off-the-shelf rear projection TV into a multi-touch display. This screen has the best width-to-depth ratio of any multitouch system (67″ diagonal viewing area and only 16″ deep). This is also… Go To Full Article

TSMC’s Advanced Fabrication Processes More Popular than UMC’s

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t is a well known fact that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is the largest contract semiconductor manufacturer in the world. But it appears that the company has more advantages: apparently, clients seeking to make chips using the most advanced fabrication… Go To Full Article

RivaTuner 2.23 released with plenty new features

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Driver-level overclocking and fan control for Nvidia multi-GPU systems has been improved, featuring optional independent driver-level overclocking and fan control support for display adapters working in SLI mode. RivaTuner now provides independent driver-level overclocking and fan control by default for… Go To Full Article

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