eVGA 790i and TripleSLI

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Indeed, once in a while does no harm, after the presentation of the motherboard eVGA 790i, I will carry out a series of benchs in order to differentiate the performances between Triple SLI, SLI and individual chart. The benchs… Go To Full Article

[M] AMD Phenom X3: One too little or one too much?

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The AMD Phenom X2 was announced quite some time ago but still hasn't seen the light of day; instead we were greeted by the X3 Phenom, a new breed of processor, first in the market to offer a Triplecore solution.… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GTX260 and 280 revealed

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The 280 has 32ROPs and feeds them with a six and eight-pin PCIe connector. Remember NV mocking ATI over the eight-pin when the 2900 launched, and how they said they would never use it? The phrase 'hypocritical worms' come to… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA has two CPU lines

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The big brother CSX 600 and 650 is aimed at larger machines with screens between handhelds and real laptops. It runs Wince, not XP or Me II because it is not x86, and in general makes you question why they… Go To Full Article

SSD Prices On Parity With High-End HDD By 2011

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EMC executives were heavily pitching the virtues of solid state disk drives at their annual users conference in Las Vegas, saying that SSD will not only be on price parity with high-end Fibre Channel disk drives by the end of… Go To Full Article

Bgears Tarantula 650W

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Overall for a company without as much name recognition as the bigger companies we were quite surprised and pleased with BGears Tarantula 650W power supply. It was stable for weeks of testing, brought in good power draws if not the… Go To Full Article

OCZ EliteXstream 800 Watt Power Supply Review

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Today I will be looking at one of OCZ's newest power supplies, the EliteXStream 800w PSU. This will be the first OCZ power supply I have reviewed here. OCZ is well known for their high-performance system memory and have been… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Centurion 590 system chassis preview

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Computer enthusiasts are always looking for the best bang for their buck, and with the cost of processors, ram, graphics cards, and other various components drastically lowering, the drive for case manufacturers like Cooler Master to create… Go To Full Article

Club 3D GeForce 9800 GTX Review

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We have just released a Review of the Club 3D GeForce 9800 GTX (CGNX-X982DD), including 3DMark Vantage Benchmarks in different Presets, HDTV CPU-Load, power consumption, loudness, temperatures and many more details. Go To Full Article

Noctua NH-C12P Cooler Review

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Hardwareoverclock Austria has posted another CPU cooler review. Last week they has tested the new Noctua NH-C12P cooler, the first “Downblower” from the Austrian manufacturer. This cooler was made for all silent systems with a lot of passive cooling components… Go To Full Article

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