ASUS EAX1800XT TOP/2DHTV Graphics Card: Living on the Edge

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ASUS’s graphics cards with the word TOP in their name are overclocked versions of ordinary cards, often featuring original and innovative technical solutions. We already reviewed the EN7800GTX TOP/2DHTV model and found it to be very fast and almost silent…

SilverStone new Highend CPU cooler SST-NT06 Released

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The new NT06 is a highend CPU cooler, with the ability to cool down the latest CPU's, like the P4 XE Edition, AMD FX60 Edition and of course the Dual Core CPU's, which get amazingly hot. …

Dual Core on a Budget Article

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In this day and age with expensive processors, what is a man or woman on a dual core budget to do? Intel and AMD's top offerings are out of reach for mainstream audiences. Their midrange options also seem a bit…

Duke Nukem Forever Update

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Gamasutra reports on an update to one of the longest running jokes in the games industry, Duke Nukem Forever. The title, already ten years in development, may (possibly) see release this decade. From the blurb: "3DR's George Broussard also demonstrated… Go To Full Article

Quad GPU but single CPU - not a good combo

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To cut the story short, here is the message: expect high-end desktops with TWO CPU SOCKETS soon... i.e. Quad-SLI (and possibly Quad CrossFire) mainboards with dual-socket workstation/server CPUs, but desktop balls and whistles like overclocking, low-latency memory, super sound, etc.

Google Calendar

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After months of rumors and speculation, Google Calendar is now live. It features integration with Gmail, full iCal support, and a bunch of other goodies I'm just starting to discover. The wait is over!

Windows Vista's Aero interface To Be Unavailable To Pirates

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"Users thinking of pirating the next version of Windows may have a surprise in store: no Aero for you. The upcoming Microsoft OS will run a check to ensure the copy was legally purchased. If it comes up short, the…

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 10.6

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Covering over 265 desktop graphics cards, this comprehensive comparison allows you to easily compare 15 different specifications for each and every card! If you need to find out about the specification of any card, just come over and check out…

NVIDIA fixes Tomb Raider: Legend problems

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We will be working on an addendum to our Tomb Raider: Legend review with updated performance numbers using the fixed driver over the next couple of days. We did do some preliminary testing with a single BFG Tech GeForce 7900…

DFI BIOS makes it easy to fake memory results

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Just in case some readers here don't have their ear as tightly pressed to the ground as others, I will summarize and let you know what has happened that can make it very easy to fake memory overclocks...and…

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