Phantasmic Case Part I Modification Guide

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From the mind of the modder who brought you the SpiderMan 3/Venom Case mod comes a new creation. This time Jason attempts to customize a case that integrates some very dramatic elements to create a unique effect. The result is… Go To Full Article

Guide to Determining Optimum Overclocked System Performance Points

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Motherboard designers, memory manufacturers, and proprietors of performance hardware have been working hard to make modern system overclocking absolutely easy. Intel - central to all of this and largely responsible for what we here at The Tech Repository would call… Go To Full Article

amd = history of betrayal & crying

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IBM invented PC. IBM demanded Intel to have a second chip maker (you know the reason why). Intel came to AMD and gave a way its x86 technology (with the processor design). Intel secretly… Go To Full Article

Intel Pentium being phased out

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According to a product change notification sent out by the manufacturer, the Pentium 4 single-core processor models 661, 641 and 631 as well as the Pentium D dual-cores 945, 935, 925 and 915 have entered the firm's product discontinuance program,… Go To Full Article

DDR3 offering no benefit over DDR2

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Today we look at why DDR3 memory has provided us with no noticeable performance gains over existing DDR2 memory. The reasoning is quite simple really and it has to do with the Core 2 Duo processors lack of need for… Go To Full Article

Intel steers prices on steady course

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CHANNEL ROADMAPS seen by the INQ appear to show that Intel hopes now to hold a lot of CPU prices steady until the fourth quarter, apart from some minor price adjustments on the 26th of this month. The man in… Go To Full Article

A Messy Transition (Part 3): Vista Buys Some Time

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As we saw in part 1 of this series, large applications and games under Windows are getting incredibly close to hitting the 2GB barrier, the amount of virtual address space a traditional Win32(32bit) application can access. Once applications begin to… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's Silent GeForce 8600 GT and 8600 GTS

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We have two brand new Gigabyte passively cooled silent video cards to evaluate today. The Gigabyte GeForce 8600 GT features Silent-Pipe II technology and the Gigabyte GeForce 8600 GTS features Silent-Pipe III. The question for enthusiasts out there is which… Go To Full Article

Nvidia MCP 73 to Launch in September

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Five versions of the MCP 73 will be introduced, four including an IGP; GeForce 7150 nForce 630i, GeForce 7050 nForce 630i, GeForce 7050 nForce 620i and GeForce 7050 nForce 610i, and a single non-IGP chipset the nForce 630i. The chipsets… Go To Full Article

The Forbidden City of Terry Gou

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Past a guarded gate on the outskirts of this city sits one of the world's largest factories. In dozens of squat buildings, it churns out gadgets bearing technology's household names -- Apple Inc.'s iPods and iPhones, Hewlett-Packard Co.'s personal computers,… Go To Full Article

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