[M] Intel Core i7 In-Depth Performance Scaling Analysis

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In this article we take a closer look at the overclocking aspects of the Core i7 platform. Core, uncore, QPI, memory, bclk... all have been analyzed with performance scaling tests to you help extract the most performance from your setup. Go To Full Article

AMD HD 4860 and HD 4750 are China only

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There has been some talk around the net about the Radeon HD 4860 and the Radeon HD 4750 cards that tipped up on INPAI, a Chinese web site, and some info hinted that these might as well show up in… Go To Full Article

CPU Shipments Increase in Q2, Demand for PCs Didn't

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The computer market has been chugging along this year despite the recession with the most robust sales in the industry being on the netbook front. That is good news for Intel, who provides the majority of netbook processors on the… Go To Full Article

Kingston Preps 2133MHz DDR3 Memory Modules for Intel’s Next-Gen Chip

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High-speed dual-channel memory kits were nothing special just about a year ago, but the triple-channel memory controller of Intel Core i7 “Bloomfield” processor redefined the market almost completely in less than a year and memory kits consisting of three modules… Go To Full Article

AeroCool System Cases Roundup

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For a hardware tester, it is the most exciting to review expensive products as they are the most likely to have some kind of extraordinary features. However, an end-user is generally more interested in midrange products that represent a reasonable… Go To Full Article

USB CPU Usage Tachometer

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A tachometer is usually installed in a car to measure the rotation speed of the engine. but I was going to use it to display the level of CPU usage. I bought the tachometer on Ebay, from a Chinese seller.… Go To Full Article

Intel's Pentium E6500K Unlocked CPU is a test case, OC's nicely to 4.6Ghz

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A bit different from previous blue tradition, E6500K is packed by a small blue and black box. You know, Intel’s Extreme Edition processors are all wrapped by all-black boxes. The package bears the word “Limited Edition” on… Go To Full Article

2.5 TB HDD Expected in 2010

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By January 2010 we should be seeing 620GB 2.5-inch and 2.5TB 3.5-inch hard disk drives, according to head manufacturer TDK Corporation. A presentation to financial analysts, including Stifel Nicolaus' Aaron Rakers, contained a roadmap for hard disk… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 RTM vs. Windows Vista - 3D Performance

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Today we'll be having a look at how the new Windows 7 operating system goes against Windows Vista which has really got a love / hate relationship going for so many people. The uptake on the OS was never great,… Go To Full Article

6-Way CPU Cooler Roundup

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The CPU is one of the most valuable components in your machine and as a result there is a huge market for a variety of different heatsinks, all demonstrating various techniques and designs that dissipate heat from the core.… Go To Full Article

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