Mushkin EM3200 DDR 2x1GB DC Kit

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Today, we’re introducing a 2 GB dual channel memory kit by Mushkin to you. Mushkin, mostly recognized in the overclocker’s scene for high-speed memory modules like the “HighPerformance Level II” series, offers various memory kits for different target groups. With…

PowerColor X1600 XT PCI Express Videocard

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The powerfull little Radeon X1600 XT VPU is built on TSMC's 90 nm manufacturing process, and contains 157 million transistors, slim by today's standards. The Radeon X1600 XT core has a total of 12 pixel pipelines and 5 vertex pipelines…

Game Developer Makes Sapphire Abandon “Blizzard”

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Sapphire Technologies, the world’s largest maker of ATI Radeon-based graphics cards, announced Thursday that it would rename its premium graphics card earlier known as “Blizzard” that featured liquid-cooled Radeon X1900 XTX graphics processors following a demand made by Blizzard Entertainment,…

Intel finds itself in the school of hard knocks

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The firm turned in a net profit if $1.35 billion on sales of $8.94 billion and a billion of anything is still a lot. But in the same financial period last year, it made net profit of $2.18 billion. And…

Pluto Multimedia Free All in One Suite

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Pluto is the only all-in-one solution for your home that seamlessly combines media & entertainment, home automation, security, telecom and computing. You can control your whole house with a mobile phone, a touch-screen tablet or a web-interface. A Pluto… Go To Full Article

Intel Readies More Cost-Effective Dual-Core Chips - Pentium D 915 and 925

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Intel Corp. is intending to unveil its Intel Pentium D models 915 and 925 that will work at 2.80GHz and 3.0GHz core-clock speeds, utilize 800MHz quad pumped bus, sport 4MB of level two cache (2MB per core) as well as…

Intel Conroe chips priced up

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The E6700, which is a 2.67GHz chip with 4MB of cache and a 1066 front side bus will cost $529 while the E6600, a 2.40GHz version will cost $315. The other two members of the Intel Cointreau family have 2MB…

Linux added to Macinteltosh triple-boot mix

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Although you can't boot Linux straight from from Boot Camp, the open source OS can be 'chain loaded' from an installed copy of XP using a bootloader named LILO, say geeks at

Fanless PCIe Graphics Cards from Asus and Aopen

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Finding a good fanless graphics card can be a bit of a challenge. There are lots of them around, but the majority are entry-level cards. Then there's the ever-present question of reliability. It's one thing to slap a fanless heatsink…

New Pentium XE 965 Overclocking Record Set - 7.2Ghz

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The 7.0GHz bar was conquered by the Pentium XE 955 processor with B1 core stepping, so everybody would expect Pentium XE 965 processor with C1 core stepping to show at least some small but convincing frequency boost. Luckily, the hopes…

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