Gainward 8800GS 384Mb for €131

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Gainward is at the same time offering Gainward BLISS GeForce 8800 GS with 384MB GDDR3 at 575MHz core and 1700Mhz memory speed and 1375MHz Shader speed for €131. This 192 bit card is currently in stock. Go To Full Article

Hiper Type-M 880W Power Supply

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With the unit’s great load regulation, efficiency, and noise profile we very much wanted to see this unit succeed as it seemingly could have done everything an enthusiast would want, but unfortunately the DC Output Quality of the unit along… Go To Full Article

DIY CompactFlash-based SSDs

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With this review I was planning on showing a proof of concept that it was possible to make your own SSD and didn't expect that it would provide such great real world results. While many very pricey performance SSDs exist,… Go To Full Article

Samsung puts 100 MB/s SSDs into mass production

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Samsung said it has begun mass producing 64 GB solid state disk drives (SSDs) with a 3 Gb/s SATA II interface. According to the manufacturer, the new drives are about 60% faster than the SATA I generation… Go To Full Article

Taiwan Makers Blame High Royalty Costs of Blu-ray, HD DVD for Lack of Hybrid Drives

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As LG Electronics, Plextor and Samsung Electronics release their hybrid optical disc drives (ODDs) that can read both Blu-ray disc (BD) and HD DVD, Taiwan-based makers of optical devices reportedly claim that universal high-definition ODDs are too expensive to make… Go To Full Article

Analyst Expects Nvidia to Acquire AMD Despite of Chances to Lose x86 License

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Doug Friedman, an analyst with American Technology Research, said that graphics chip maker Nvidia Corp. could well acquire x86 microprocessor maker Advanced Micro Devices in order to “re-architect it”. The acquisition is considered to be useful due to the fact… Go To Full Article

Gainward Bliss 8800 GT 1024MB GS Graphics Card Review

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You do not come across really unique graphics cards very often, especially in the high-performance segment. Although we have to admit that the situation starts changing lately. Today we are going to introduce to you a truly unique solution like… Go To Full Article

PhysX to become a CUDA extension, PS4 developers rejoice

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If you have been wondering how Ageia's PhysX SDK fits into Nvidia’s product range, the answer is actually very simple: The PhysX SDK will be translated into CUDA and, as a result, PhysX will be compliant with the current GeForce… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1 doesn't significantly boost performance, slows down certain tasks

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We heard a lot of different performance claims about Vista SP1 in past few months, and now that it's finally (sort of) here, it's time to bust out the stopwatches and see what's what. According to CNET, early tests of… Go To Full Article

Sharp's laser to enable 6x, dual-layer Blu-ray laptop recording

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Sharp just introduced their latest, itty bitty blue laser. While maintaining the same 3.3-mm diameter of their previous package, Sharp's new GH04P25A4G semiconductor laser manages to boost the power to 250mW. That little trick should make 6x recording speeds to… Go To Full Article

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