Thermaltake Armor+ MX Case (VH8000BWS)

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The Thermaltake Armor+ MX Case offer lots of great features. One bug plus with this case is air circulation. With two 120mm fans as well as a massive 23cm fan on the left side panel it provides tremendous airflow. This… Go To Full Article

Asus Striker II NSE 790i SLI Motherboard

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Imagine this: You are an engineer working at Asus. As a member of the team to design and engineer boards for the company's Republic of Gamer line, you and your team are given a task to create what the world… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 3-way SLI with three NVIDIA 9800 GTX Review

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When all the testing was done it was apparent that on the same test machine with the same exact settings on some tests 3-way SLI performed better than Quad SLI did. The tradeoff for 3-way SLI is that not all… Go To Full Article

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W

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PC Power & Cooling is one of the most reputable high performance PSU manufacturers, if not the most reputable. This good reputation is no doubt helped by them not offering budget products, only mainstream and high end models. When OCZ… Go To Full Article

Intel P45 Preview Gigabyte DS3R + DQ6

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Intel has thrown a new chipset into the fray to replace one of its aging components. P45 is set to be the new mainstream chipset from Intel to replace its aging P35 chipset by bringing some new features and support… Go To Full Article

Watercooling Radiator shootout

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Both the Black Ice GTX and the TFC X-Changer series of radiators are well designed, but it's clear that there's definitely a difference in performance for the price increase. Feser's performance starts off with a nice and cool two degree… Go To Full Article

[M] Building a 300W Fan Controller from an ATX PSU

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What do you if you have more than 20x high speed fans in your PC and want to control them through an easy front-end? Build your own fan controller of course! In this tutorial we show you how to convert… Go To Full Article

abit IP35P Mainboard

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Today we are going to discuss a very interesting solution from abit. The manufacturer calls their new inexpensive mainboard "Extremely OverSpeed". Let’s find out what it really means from our new review. Go To Full Article

Photoshop to get GPU and physics acceleration

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GPU acceleration is one of the most significant trends in today hardware industry, opening the doors to an entirely class of software running desktop. What will be possible is fascinating to see on a monitor, nut it is not tangible,… Go To Full Article

Huge Hole in Open Source Software Found, Leaves Millions Vulnerable

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For all the criticism of Microsoft and its security flaws, the software giant has made an impressive turnaround. While Vista has been derided for a variety of reasons, most would agree that it’s much more secure than Windows XP. Recently,… Go To Full Article

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