Sapphire Radeon X1800 GTO

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For just under ˜£170 where you can find it in stock in the UK the Radeon X1800 GTO is an interesting proposition. On the one hand it's a hot, noisy board that's matched by 7600 GT performance wise, dulling its…

Power Outage causes PSU to go up in smoke

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The power supplies in the affected machines had largely blown capacitors and burnt PCBs. While The BoxHeads had proudly replaced all damaged components, today we have a few photos to share

End user tests Conroe @ 2.4ghz vs Athlon 64 @ 2.8Ghz, result: Conroe not as fast?

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Now, for the very first time, someone actually got hold of a Conroe chip in their own lab and did some tests. It was a 2.4GHZ Conroe (Link: CPU-Z) against an Athlon 64 overclocked to 2.8GHZ. The overclocked Athlon 64…

Foxconn 975X7AA Intel S775 Motherboard

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It has been a fast year for Intel Socket 775 users in the high-end market. Socket 775 is available on a wide range of chipsets, from hybrid 875 to 955x and now the 975x, which offers full support…

Build your own Core Duo mini PC

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THE COMMELL LV-67 mobo which we mentioned a few days ago was for sale in Japan is for sale in the UK too. BVM is selling two recensions of the mini ITX board, one with a 24-pin…

Piracy worse than child pornography

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If you copy Craig David's CD you get ten years, but if you punch him in the face and pummel him into a seven day coma you will only get six. You are more likely to get the respect of…

i975X Based Mainboards Acquire Conroe Support

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Although Intel claims that i975X chipsets as well as the not yet announced i965 chipsets should all support Conroe processors, the mainboards based on the former one that are available in stores these days may be incompatible with the promising…

Sapphire RADEON X1300 256MB

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With the introduction of the X1300 series video card Sapphire and ATI have made available to consumers on a limited budget the chance to play some of todays better games. The Sapphire RADEON X1300 256MB is a great entry level…

Lian Li PC-S80B Aluminum Server Case

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The muffler on the back and foam padding throughout the case help reduce the sound transmissions. There is even foam around the door on the case. That is mostly aftermarket stuff, but it's all included in the Lian Li PC-S80B!

Coolermaster Centurion 730

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Out of the packing, various parts were secured with tape to prevent movement. The tape removed easily and did not leave residue. The Praetorian 730 is available in two colors; silver and black. First impressions of our silver case were…

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