MSI officially intros the Wind12 U200 ultra-portable

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Unveiled back in May, the first ultra-portable to bear the Win brand has now been officially detailed by its maker, Taiwan-based MSI. Pictured below, the Wind12 U200 measures 297x 190 x 24.5~31mm and weights as low as 1.4kg, makes use… Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2%

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The Seattle PI Blog is reporting that a soon to be published Game Informer survey finally shows the failure rate of XBOX 360s: 54%! The survey also shows the rates of failure for the PS3 (11%) and Wii (7%). Impressively,… Go To Full Article

Intel Clarkdale Core i5 CPUs with IGP Planned For Q1 2010

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The fastest clocked Core i5 CPU is the 670, clocked at 3.46GHz, but this CPU won’t have the fastest GPU of all 32nm dual-core Westmere-based Clarkdale desktop CPUs. The runner up, branded as Core i5 661 runs… Go To Full Article

PCI Express 3.0 delayed until 2011

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PCI SIG has decided to delay the release of the PCI Express 3.0 specification until the second quarter of 2010. This means that any products that will ship with the new specification won't be released until 2011 According to PC… Go To Full Article

Gaming Performance Compared: Windows 7 vs Vista vs Windows XP

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While there were a couple of cases where WinXP outran Windows 7 and Vista, for the most part Windows 7 wins more than it loses, especially when you factor in multi-GPU technologies like SLI and CrossFire. In fact, if you’re… Go To Full Article

Early sales of Core i5 and i7 CPUs unlikely to stop despite Intel warning

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Although Intel is asking vendors to stop selling socket 1156-based CPUs - as well as P55-based motherboards - that it has not yet officially launched, retailers are unlikely to listen because demand is hot, according to industry sources. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte aims for microATX with P55 boards

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Earlier this week, the folks at Gigabyte held an event to introduce the press to their lineup of P55 motherboards. I attended and got the skinny on a whole raft of upcoming products—11 different motherboard models, by my count, based… Go To Full Article

Rearming your Windows 7 will let it run freely for 120 days without activation

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Like Windows Vista, the upcoming Windows 7 comes with a command line utility called the Software License Manager (slmgr.exe) that allows the user to issue "-rearm" switch that will reset the countdown timer back to 30 days. This command may… Go To Full Article

AMD Next-Gen DX11 Card Pictured

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In the absence of anything official we can start dreaming of an Evergreen Q4 while contemplating some pictures that are claimed to be of an AMD DirectX 11-supporting graphics card. Seen below bearing an all-black version of the Radeon HD… Go To Full Article

Asus TUF series SaberTooth 55i motherboard detailed

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Between the P7P55 series and ROG models, Asus will have a pretty large LGA 1156 offering this year but don't think that will be enough for the Taiwanese manufacturer as it is also preparing one P55-powered SaberTooth 55i. Go To Full Article

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