Thermalright HR-05 Chipset Cooling

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While the difference was with activated 120mm housing exhaust the temperature difference still with 13K between the Thermalright HR-05 and the already quite large standard radiator, this became larger with deactivated exhaust even on approximately 17K. With additionally attached 80mm…

Intel names future platform "Charlie"

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But perhaps this next slide gives a clue - because this says that Instant On/Off is done with your remote control on Intel Viiv, while it's "not fully supported" with non Intel platforms. Unless you turn the screen off and…

Nintendo Revolution renamed "Wii"

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The Nintendo Revolution has finally received its "real" name, the "Wii." Pronounced "we," as in "we really don't know about this name," the name is supposed to connote the universal appeal of the console. It's for all of us, you… Go To Full Article

750GB Seagate Drives On Store Shelves: $540

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NewEgg currently has the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB ST3750640AS for $540, a cost per gigabyte of $0.72. Unfortunately, the PATA version of the same drive has not surfaced yet, and neither has the rest of the Barracuda 7200.10 family.

Microsoft says Brussels forced it to sell software nobody wants or buys

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Microsoft delivered a devastating critique yesterday of the European commission's ruling that it abuses its dominance of global software, accusing Brussels of foisting on consumers a version of Windows without its media player function that nobody wanted - and nobody…

Leadtek WinFast 7600 GS vs HIS X1600 XT IceQ Turbo

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The 7600 GS is very similar to the 7600 GT, not only to look at but in terms of specifications as well. The core is literally identical, with 12 pixel shaders, eight pixel output engines and five vertex…

Diamond XtremeSound 7.1 DDL soundcard

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Diamond Multimedia is a company some of you PC Enthusiast veterans may remember. From my earlier PC owning days, the first add-on graphics card I purchased was a Diamond Monster 3D II 3DFX Voodoo2 8MB. Also way back when this…

Mixed Vendor 7900 GTX SLI Test

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In November of last year, NVIDIA's ForceWare Release 80 brought mixed vendor support to SLI. This support allows users to run an SLI system with two of the same GPUs from different manufacturers. In other words, with ForceWare 81.94 and…

Spire VertiCool II Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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The VertiCool II from Spire has some impressive performance packed into a fairly compact, lightweight and attractive package. It's also very, very quiet and reasonably priced. Still being relatively new, availability is limited but I would expect a cooler with…

Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C Hard Drive

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Quick and Quiet" is what Samsung has dubbed their latest P120 series hard drives. With the recent 'boom' of HTPCs and the drive (no pun intended) for fast and silent computing, Samsung aims to deliver. Let's take a look at…

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