eVGA GTX260/280 reimbursement

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If you purchased an EVGA GTX 280 or an EVGA GTX 260 between the dates of June 16th and July 7th, then you have qualified to receive up to $150.00 in EVGA Bucks* or $125.00 Cash Back**! Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 9800 GT with Zalman cooling €149

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A German retailer,, has listed Gigabyte's 9800 GT card, branded GV-N98TZL-512HGPU, for €149. The card is reference clocked, 600/900/1500MHz for the GPU/memory/shaders, and it will feature Zalman's VF830 cooler. Go To Full Article

Heat Column based Socket 1366 Heatsink Emerges from nPowertek

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The NPH 775-140 HC & NPH 1366-140HC processor heatsinks use 33mm diameter heat columns, and a fairly standard extrusion of bifurcated aluminum fins. The heatsink comes in socket 775 and socket 1366 variants. The GAT-350HC is a VGA heatsink, but… Go To Full Article

RS880 is AMD's DDR3 IGP

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AMD plans two chipsets for Q2 2008, one called RD890 GDDR3 while the IGP chipset is codenamed RS880. This chipset will use SB800 and it is set to replace 780G+SB750 chipset. The new chipset supports both AM2+ and AM3 sockets… Go To Full Article

Intel to ship 100 millionth 45 nm CPU before year end

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According to Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Intel will be shipping its 100 millionth 45 nm processor before the end of the year, which means that Intel is currently cranking out more than 10 million 45 nm chips per month. The… Go To Full Article

Crossfire Performance Intel X48 vs P45 vs X38 vs P35

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Finally some other numbers to see if the findings by TweakTown can be relied upon. TweakTown compared the Intel P45 and X48 with different games and two HD4850 video cards. Their findings were surprising to say the least. Take a… Go To Full Article

Making the Switch To Windows "Workstation" 2008

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Disenchanted with Vista? Why not convert Windows Server 2008 into the lean, efficient, reliable 'power user' OS that Windows should be? InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy, who has been using a converted 'Workstation' 2008 as his primary OS since hitting a wall… Go To Full Article

Judge backs action against Nvidia and AMD on price fixing

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IN A BARELY-REPORTED development, a judge has lauded evidence in a case against apparent arch-rivals Nvidia and AMD which stand accused of artificially keeping the price of graphics cards high. A San Franciscan law suit combines "at… Go To Full Article

Intel posts record-breaking Q2 earnings

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Intel announced its second quarter results (PDF) today, with numbers that beat analyst expectations and set revenue records for the company. Total Q2 revenue for 2008 was $9.5 billion, with an operating income of $2.3 billion, net income of $1.6… Go To Full Article

ASUS EN9600GT SILENT Graphics Card

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You’d think we would have looked at all 9600GT cards on the market, but I can guarantee there are more out there. The particular one we’re looking at today comes from ASUS and carries with it a silent cooler. We’ve… Go To Full Article

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