Swiftech MCW-60 VGA Water Cooling Block Review

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. You may have heard this saying spoken throughout history and while those who have uttered these words may have been referring to periods of great struggle I am sure seeing the current state of… Go To Full Article

Steel Series SX Pro Gaming Mousepad Review

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In the end it comes down to one question: Are you prepared to pay for the best. At a hefty 49.95 Euro (US$70) this is not a product a casual user will be interested in. I personally would never spend… Go To Full Article

ECS P35T-A Motherboard Review

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The P35T-A is a full size ATX motherboard that features the Intel P-35 Express chipset. Among other things in this view, you will note the purple color of the motherboard PCB. Something to distinguish this ECS product from many of… Go To Full Article

MS Responds To Vista's Network / Audio Problems

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With the discovery last week of the connection between Vista's poor networking performance and audio activities, word quickly spread around the Net. No doubt this got Microsoft's attention, and they have responded to the issue. Microsoft states that 'some of… Go To Full Article

[M] Ultra Grid ATX Mid Tower Case Review

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The Ultra Grid is an affordable mid tower case with two 120mm set up front and back, the side panel features a fancy window, which give you a look inside at the tool less features for HDD and Optical drives.… Go To Full Article

Buffalo offers up external HD DVD / Blu-ray combo drive in Japan

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Nah, Buffalo isn't manufacturing the HD DVD / Blu-ray drive that sits comfortably within its new external enclosure, but those parked in Japan can reportedly get ahold of this peace maker for just ¥51,000 ($440). Apparently, Buffalo chose the GGC-H20N… Go To Full Article

Prices for second-tier 42-inch LCD TVs to fall to US$699 by year-end

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Although LCD TV brands suffered from dramatic price drops last year, sources have indicated the makers will still follow a low-pricing strategy this year with second-tier LCD TV vendors planning to offer 42-inch LCD TVs at US$699 by the end… Go To Full Article

Gabe Newell: DirectX 10 for Vista was a mistake

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According to an online survey by Valve Software, only one in fifty players who access download service Steam has a DirectX 10-compatible graphics card and Windows Vista installed. In an interview with heise online, Gabe Newell, president of Valve Software,… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 XT GDDR4 Edition Review

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The wait is finally over. Not so long ago AMD released the Radeon HD 2900 series and along with that introduction came as well the low-end and mid-range products to go up against NVIDIA. Now that we are a couple… Go To Full Article

Wielander displays €29999 High End System at Leipzig

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The hardware alone doesn't make it worth that much, of course, but the Gold applied to the outside of the Silverstone case surely does

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