GMC H-80 Case

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Today we have GMC’s newest case up for review: the H-80. This case is designed for extreme cooling performance as well as striking aesthetics. The H-80 features a huge 250mm side intake fan as well as stealth drives. … Go To Full Article

50 Larrabee cores in 22nm Intel

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Intel has announced its intention to deliver products based on its architecture Many Integrated Core (MIC) to create platforms dealing teraflops. Designed for HPC (High Performance Computing),… Go To Full Article

Moorestown based phone running World of Warcraft & Q3A

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Intel has managed to make Moorestown-based phones do an awful lot of things on stage. Multitask, scale photos sans lag, and automatically correct your grammar before it comes out of your mouth. But believe it or not, one thing we… Go To Full Article

AVADirect's Clevo W860CU: Mobility 5870 vs. GTX 285M

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One of the benefits of reviewing desktop hardware is the way PCs tend to come together like a combination of Lego bricks. Individual components are typically fairly easy to test against each other, often requiring as little as a simple… Go To Full Article

[M] ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 AMD 890FX Motherboard Review

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It is time to present the first 890FX motherboard that entered the Shrimps lab. And boy does it look stunning, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you: The Asus Crosshair IV Formula. The previous Crosshair III was a master in… Go To Full Article

Computex 2010 Booth Babes Gallery

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Each year we take thousands of pictures and at the end of a long conference we take the time to pick through these images and bring you the hottest, sexiest, booth babes of the show. Here for this year’s Computex… Go To Full Article

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 in SLI Overclocked

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We've almost done it all with the GTX 465; looked at it in single form, overclocked, SLI form and today we'll finish the quenelle with GTX 465s in SLI overclocked. I've already mentioned that I think this card in SLI… Go To Full Article

Intel X25 V SSD 40GB - Raid 0

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The only real downside against buying an SSD is the relative small size and high cost …. for many people they still remain an elusive pipe dream. Sure they are dropping in price all the time, but compared to a… Go To Full Article

Asus Gtx465

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nVidias latest card a little out of your league? Perhaps their cutdown one will satisfy your needs... Go To Full Article


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Lately there has been a fad of releasing no maintenance liquid systems. This cooling solution provides better cooling than your standard air cooler, but ditches the hassle of maintaining a liquid loop. While large air coolers can put a lot… Go To Full Article

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