Hitachi Develops 100GB Blu-ray Disc Compatible With Existing Drives

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Throughout the life of the format, DVD has been primarily limited to at most two layers, keeping the format at a maximum storage space of under 9GB. The new high-definition formats, however, appear to have taken a page from hard… Go To Full Article

ATI HD2900 GT not as cheap as expected

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A few days ago Club3D announced its HD 2900 GT with 256MB of GDDR3, and in the past couple of days several European retailers have listed them. Prices range from €184 to €190 in Europe, and, of course, it's not… Go To Full Article

Nvidia can't keep up with demand

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Nvidia could not keep up with the quantity of orders that they've had in the last two quarters. AMD has failed to offer a high end killer card and as such Nvidia had more orders that they expected. Go To Full Article

Leadtek launches low profile WinFast® PX8500 GT TDH with HDM

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Trendy Graphics: Small, Silent & Simple - Leadtek WinFast® PX8500 GT TDH HDMI (Low Profile) Taipei, Taiwan, October 5th, 2007-- Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme visual graphics technology development, is pleased to… Go To Full Article

Gears of War for Windows coming out November 6th

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The game will feature five new singleplayer chapters, a new "King of the Hill" multiplayer game mode, three new multiplayer maps, a game editor, and the first and last showdown with the infamous Brumak boss. Also included will be all… Go To Full Article

Gateway Unveils High-Resolution Display with Hardware Image Upscaler

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The new Gateway XHD3000 30” monitor that has native resolution of 2560x1600 features Silicon Optix Realta HQV video processor that can upscale standard-definition videos as well as high-definition videos from 1920x1080 to panel’s native resolution. Gateway hopes to considerably improve… Go To Full Article

AcoustiProducts AcoustiCase 340 review

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If you're not into silent PCs, then the AcoustiCase 340 probably isn't for you. If that comment piques your interest, read on and find out why this case is a good choice for those who have the goal of reducing… Go To Full Article

MSI NX8600GT OC Edition Video Card Review

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When compared to the competition, the MSI NX8600GT OC Edition certainly holds it's own well, and more often than not beats competing GPU's from the other camp, especially where anti-aliasing is concerned. It does fall behind when compared to ATI's… Go To Full Article

PowerColor HD2600 Pro 512MB Video Card Review

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While you won't be playing the latest games at the highest resolutions, you will be able to run at fair settings for the casual gamer. I was impressed that the card did so well compared to the other two, since… Go To Full Article

Antec Veris A/V Component Cooler Review

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The Veris family is a new line of personal home theater multimedia components made by Antec. Currently, the series contains only five products, but more are expected. Up for review today is the Veris A/V cooler, an ingenious accessory for… Go To Full Article

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