Ramblings of a colorblind gamer

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You may or may not know that I am red-green colorblind. Money looks grey to me, pink looks white, brown looks green. No big thing. Since I was born colorblind, I have no frame of reference for how the world… Go To Full Article

Asus goes HDMI crazy with new sound cards

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Asus has been developing a number of sound card products, which are slated for a CeBit launch. A few days before the tradeshow opens its doors, we decided to visit Asus' North American HQ in Fremont, California, and learn more… Go To Full Article

Microsoft execs saw problems with early Vista

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Even some of Microsoft's top officials struggled to make Windows Vista work smoothly when it was released, according to internal e-mails released Wednesday. The messages, unsealed in a lawsuit against the company, show that Vista's early problems with hardware and… Go To Full Article

Intel sets pricing for 4-series chipsets, adds P43 to lineup

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Intel has set the pricing for its upcoming 4-series chipsets which are to be launching in the second quarter this year, while also adding one more member, the P43, to the lineup, according to sources at Taiwan-based motherboard makers. The… Go To Full Article

MSI Showcases Stirling Engine Heatsink

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MSI has designed a new chipset cooling fan that is able to operate without electricity. MSI’s new chipset cooler, which is accordingly dubbed the “Air Power Cooler,” offers all of the benefits of a cooler with a fan without drawing… Go To Full Article

Kingston Overclocks DDR3 Memory Modules to 2.13GHz

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Kinston Technology, a leading supplier of memory modules, demonstrated on Thursday its ability to overclock its HyperX DDR3 memory modules to unprecedented clock-speed with the help of a mainboard running Nvidia Corp.’s next-generation core-logic that supports DDR3 memory. Go To Full Article

Sparkle SF-PX88GT256D3-HP Graphics Card: Is 256MB Enough?

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All Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT based graphics accelerators we have tested so far were equipped with 512MB of video memory. Today we are going to check out the youngest member of the family equipped with only 256MB and will try… Go To Full Article

DDR2 or DDR3: MSI P35 Platinum Combo Mainboard Review

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Today we are going to introduce to you a very interesting combo solution from MSI that is based on Intel P35 Express chipset and can work with DDR3 or DDR2 SDRAM. Find out what the pros and cons of this… Go To Full Article

[M] Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme CPU Cooler Review

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Thermalright added two extra heatpipes to their successfully Ultra-120 CPU heatsink, in order to further improve performance on the high end scale. We compare this CPU cooling beast to the best out there to see what it can offer eXtra. Go To Full Article

Dell XPS M1730: SLI, Penryn, and Overclocking

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When it comes to gaming notebooks, this is undoubtedly the fastest notebook we've ever used, and outside of using desktop CPUs there's not much that can be changed at present to make something faster. All that speed comes with a… Go To Full Article

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