ATI Radeon R600XTX Retail Version "rendered"

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The retail version of the R600XTX is smaller than the 8800 GTX, so (in theory) no fitting issues are to be expected, at 24cm long, it will go inside medium towers without hassle: <center><img src= ></center>… Go To Full Article

Supreme Commander Performance Tests

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CPU or GPU dependent, Supreme Commander is quite taxing on your whole system "Therefore, before purchasing this game or even considering a hardware upgrade, it will be important to know first if your computer will run it,… Go To Full Article

New Intel Chipsets from VIA Unveiled

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More options for the end users is always a good things, VIA's offering for the latest Core 2 CPU might turn out to be a very viable option: "VIA’s latest chipset roadmap unveils two new chipsets for… Go To Full Article

SpeedFan 4.32 beta 17 released - Intel Core Temp Added

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Speedfan is a popular hardware and fan speed monitoring tool, it even offers you the possibility to check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your HDD and compare your results online in a growing database. "This beta adds full… Go To Full Article

Intel Bearlake Motherboard spotted with DDR3 Support

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ChileHardware spotted an upcoming Intel Bearlake based motherboard with DDR3 support, lower voltages and higher memory speed around the corner? DailyTech has the details: Go To Full Article

92mm Fan Roundup

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SilentPCReview tackles the 92mm sized fans to find the best noise/performance sample, their test methodology is in depth and gives you pretty good info on how each fan performs at different voltages: "Our latest fan round-up covers… Go To Full Article

4 different versions of ATI R600

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Want Crossfire action with high end? Get ready for ~600W power draw ONLY for VGA! "The second card is Dragonshead 2 with the same clock as the R600XTX 12.4 inch card. The only difference is that this… Go To Full Article

Intel Bearlake Motherboard Spotted with DDR3 Support

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ChileHardware snapped a shot of a yet unreleased Intel motherboard based on the Bearlake chipset which sports DDR3 memory banks. Go To Full Article

XFX introduces the new GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB product range

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Ontario, Calif., February 8, 2007 – In an industry populated by a wide variety of performance- and experience-enhancing graphics cards, it can be hard to stand out. Unless, of course, you are XFX. And you are unveiling your latest masterpiece:… Go To Full Article

Super Talent Launches 800MHz RDIMMs

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World’s First DDR2-800 Modules to Pass Tyan Qualification San Jose, California – February 12, 2007 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash products, today launched a 1GigaByte 800MHz ECC Registered… Go To Full Article

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