Intel Speeds Up Transition to Dual-Core Architecture

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As we have already told you, Intel is planning to raise the share of Woodcrest processors to 75% by the end of 2006, which is in only 6 months! How aggressively will the dual-core processor share increase in the desktop…

OCZ EL 2GB DDR500 Gold GX XTC Memory

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OCZ has pulled it off again, offering a kit that performs as well as one of their pricier kits and featuring the new XTC heatspreaders. If you are looking for memory, look no further than OCZ...

Msi K8n Diamond Plus Hi Fi

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Does it SLI 16x makes any improve on performance? MSI K8N Diamond Plus Hi Fi comes with SLI 16X, heatpipes chipset cooler, 4.1 volts for vdimm and many interestings (including the best integrated sound on AMD K8 platform).... Oh, it…

Antec Take 4 Rack Mount Enclosure

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Its been some time since we took a look at a PC case and what better brand to look at today than Antec. The Take 4 is a server case that also works well as a Home Theatre PC.

Thermaltake Mini Typhoon

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The Thermaltake Big Typhoon is known for being one of the top-performing air coolers out there. Now Thermaltake has released a smaller, lighter cooler called the Mini Typhoon which is is supposed to offer the best features of the Big…

Scan 'Isotope' SFF SLI system

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Bottom line, this is an awesome-looking system. It's unique, it'll draw crowds, it's portable, but it's big enough to house a serious amount of powerful kit. Frankly, we love it. The green internal glow and the orange etching on the…

OCZ Platinum PC4000EB 2x1024mb kit

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We get a chance to look at one of OCZ's top performance 2x1gb ddr1 kits, the Platinum 4000EB. OCZ has left a good impression on us, these modules do not change this: Good performance for a good price is always…

Patriot Memory PDC22G8000+XBLK Rev.2 DDR2-1000

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Patriot Memory has been trailblazing some new paths for flexible DDR2 this year; memory that can run at multiple speeds with multiple CAS latency settings. This versatility makes it possible to apply a single pair of DDR-2 in a couple…

MSI K9N SLI Platinum Preview

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Today, we have some images of the new MSI K9N SLI Platinum for the upcoming AM2 socket. We know that we are not the first to forward pictures of this board to the internet, but we just want to give…

Thermalright HR-05 Chipset Cooling

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While the difference was with activated 120mm housing exhaust the temperature difference still with 13K between the Thermalright HR-05 and the already quite large standard radiator, this became larger with deactivated exhaust even on approximately 17K. With additionally attached 80mm…

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