AMD Fusion for Gaming Utility Tested

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The automatic overclocking for the GPU is just as simple as enabling overdrive, except you do it from a button on your desktop. Simultaneously automatically overclocking the CPU is a welcome addition for people who want to safely increase performance… Go To Full Article

DIY DVD Backup Robot

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Aaron Shephards built himself a DVD burning robot to automate his backups. "Florian" picks up a DVD from a stack and places them in the DVD burner to be written. It then flips them over to be labelled, and even… Go To Full Article

Crysis Warhead Benchmarks

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The Cry Engine was not only said to be visually upgraded, but also in regards of the performance. You still need a high-end card, but all in all Warhead is running a little smoother. At high details… Go To Full Article

Q8200, Q6600, E7300, E2220 and E2200 Price Cuts Coming

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Q8200 is currently sold at $224, and will be sold at $193 in October, down by $31. Q6600’s price will be reduced by $10, from $193 to $183. This price adjustment will make a hole for 45nm CPU in Q… Go To Full Article

Core i7-920 2.66GHz Nehalem overclocks to 4GHz

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Our sources have confirmed that you will be able to clock the cheapest, $284 dollar priced Nehalem from 2.66GHz all the way to 4GHz. This is definitely good news for many overclockers and enthusiasts but of course you will need… Go To Full Article

Fix Problems With Copying Large Files in Windows Vista

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If you've been having problems copying large files over mapped drives, network disconnects, or having to reboot your router a lot more often than normal, then you can try out this fix to solve the problem. The… Go To Full Article

Intel plans new Core 2 CPUs: Q8300, E7500, E5300, E1500

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In the first month of next year 2009, Intel will launch several Core 2: Q8300 is a 45nm Yorkfield, have 4MB L2 cache, looks just like a Q8200, but frequency is a bit higher, it runs at 2.5GHz. Go To Full Article

AMD sees its future in fusion

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AMD decided to drop its “Smarter Choice” tagline in exchange for “The future is fusion” in an effort to highlight the combination of its microprocessor and graphics technologies. Fusion? Isn’t that the code-name for a future AMD micro-processor? Yup, but… Go To Full Article

Google turns audio into Text with GAudi

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Google quietly released its GAudi service, a new take on online information retrieval. It uses a remarkably accurate speech recognition engine to extract information from audio and video content and turn it into indexed text that can easily be searched.… Go To Full Article

OCZ slashes Core SSD Prices: 64Gb for $99

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Newegg is now listing the 64GB Core Series SSD at $99 after a $70 mail-in rebate. In roughly a week, the customers can now get twice the space at the same price -- that's quite incredible considering the drives retailed… Go To Full Article

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