MSI X48 Platinum Motherboard Review

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MSI seems to want at all costs to cut a place in the world of the overclocking. After models containing P35 exceeding the 600MHz fsb, it is with the turn of the x48 to pass on the grill. This… Go To Full Article

Asus Crosshair II AM2+ Motherboard

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The latest release from Asus see's the Crosshair II blessed with Nvidia's 780a chipset. We strip the board past its copper clothes to see if it's a worthy upgrade. Go To Full Article

[M] Sunbeamtech Acrylic HTPC-style ATX Case Review

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The Sunbeamtech Acrylic, HTPC-style case is excellent for display and demonstration purposes. In this in-depth review we'll find out if this case is up to the task of keeping our system cool under stress while looking flashy with some LED… Go To Full Article

AMD’s real CPU chance is 2H 2009

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We've learned that 45nm Deneb and Propus won't solve all of AMD's problems overnight. Deneb is the 45nm version of Barcelona with 6MB cache and despite the fact that this CPU will be significantly faster than Barcelona / Agena cores… Go To Full Article

Three Geforce GTX 280 cooled with LN2 and Overclocked

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Numbers speak for themselves I think ..I pushed a bit harder on some tests than others due to time limits this past week, but still managed some pretty nice numbers benching on my own again. So much easier to bench… Go To Full Article

Radeon 4850 briefly on sale, more specs revealed

@ 2008/06/16 read/post comments(0) accidentally put AMD’s upcoming Radeon 4850 graphics cards on sale earlier today and thanks to Google’s page cache we now have a confirmation of a few more technical specifications of the graphics card as well as its price: $199.99.… Go To Full Article

Leather Keyboard Mod

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The Japanese artist, Kazuharu Sakura, has introduced a new handmade keyboard… made of leather! Go To Full Article

Intel Responds to AMD, NVIDIA USB 3.0 Allegations

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Knupffer points out that Intel is not developing the USB 3.0 specification. What Intel is developing is the host controller spec which Knupffer describes as a “Dummies Guide” to building a USB 3.0 compatible piece of silicon. … Go To Full Article

NVIDIA launches GTX 280 and GTX 260 , reviews inside

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On of the hottest VGA cards on the market has been released, is the GTX 280 the card the 9800 GTX was supposed to be? I'll let you find out: PR: PR:… Go To Full Article

Ready for 300W, Three-Slot Graphics Cards?

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Tired of two-slot graphics cards dominating your system internals? Bad news, then: the PCI Express SIG is preparing for three-slot graphics cards that may consume up to 300 watts just by themselves. The PCI Special Interest Group… Go To Full Article

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