[M] FSP ZEN400 400Watt Passive Cooled Power Supply Review

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FSP launches their latest passive cooled power supply, rated at 400W and equipped with the latest connectors for high(er) end hardware can it provide stability under heavy load? We test this unit to the extreme with two overclocked NVIDIA G80… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 7.5 is out - Official HD 2900 XT Support

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For those of you that don't own a Radeon HD 2900 XT, you might still want to download these drivers, especially if you play games in OpenGL, as ATI has made some performance tuning here for Radeon X1950 XT and… Go To Full Article

Intel X38 MCH Requires Heatspreader

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It seems like Intel X38 Express chipset has a heatspeader on it and according to motherboard makers, it runs pretty hot when running dual graphics cards in x16/x16 mode. It runs up to more than 60 degrees in this case.… Go To Full Article

Radeon HD 2600 PRO AGP details

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ATI has the reference design and this sub $200 product should be ready by the end of the summer. The Radeon HD 2600PRO works at 600 MHz core and 800 MHz DDR2 memory. There will be a two flavours one… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 Motherboard

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While there are quirks for this or that, it is something we all have become accustomed to, as no motherboard has everything we want, exactly how we want it or I would be out of a job. Gigabyte brings to… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case

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This is a beautiful case with excellent build quality. The included LED fans do a great job lighting up the inside, and keep a steady airflow going through the case. This case is prepped for the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy water… Go To Full Article

SilverStone DS351 External RAID HDD Storage

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There are many external hard drive enclosures on the market, but most don't offer RAID 5/10 support like the SilverStone DS351 External RAID HDD Storage Enclosure does. Of course this unit is a lot more expensive that a regular external… Go To Full Article

ZEROtherm BFT90 CU CPU Cooler

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The virtual red carpet lies ready, the radiator market has a new star! The ZEROtherm BTF90 cu deklassiert the competition from the house Scythe and Thermalright in the usual categories and proves that we did not arrive still for a… Go To Full Article

1986 Mac Plus Vs. 2007 AMD DualCore. You Won't Believe Who Wins

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For the functions that people use most often, the 1986 vintage Mac Plus beats the 2007 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+: 9 tests to 8! Out of the 17 tests, the antique Mac won 53% of the time! Including a… Go To Full Article

Overclocked Core 2 E6700 @ 5693 breaks 9 Second SuperPi Barrier

@ 2007/05/31 read/post comments(2)
Omega forum member at XtremeSystems has pulled of an amazing SuperPi 1M run, clocking in at 8.969 seconds; This killer score was achieved by overclocking his E6700 CPU to 5693Mhz which translates into a 114% speed increase. … Go To Full Article

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