Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 Case

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The Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 is certainly an impressive piece of hardware, combining a gorgeous and unique design, an innovative layout, simply superlative noise levels and impressive cooling performance. However, there are a few minor blemishes on the face of… Go To Full Article

Coolermaster GeminII S Heatsink Review

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In this review Frostytech is evaluating the Coolermaster GeminII S - a low height, lower noise, down-exhaust heatsink for Intel socket 775 and AMD socket 754/939/940/AM2+ processors. Coolermaster's GeminII S heatsink stands just 88mm tall and ships with a 120mm… Go To Full Article

Japan's Blu-ray Recorder market growing

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Shipments of Blu-ray recorders have increased in Japan to 122,000 units in June, up from 82,000 units shipped in May. This marks the first time that unit shipments have exceeded the 100,000 mark in a month. The… Go To Full Article

Intel Larrabee is going to render DirectX and OpenGL games through rasterisation

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I've been trying to keep quiet, but I need to get one thing very clear. Larrabee is going to render DirectX and OpenGL games through rasterisation, not through raytracing. I'm not sure how the message got so… Go To Full Article

[M] Scythe Zipang 140mm CPU Cooler Review

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The Scythe Zipang is top-down heatsink with a huge ~140mm fan on top. A series of 6 copper heat pipes make this heatsink capable of cooling down an Intel Quad Core CPU as the lowest noise levels. We put it… Go To Full Article

AMD 45nm Deneb Power Consumption Tested: ~12% Lower Then Phenom

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ITOCP compared the total system power usage of two AMD setups, one with a Phenom 65nm, the other with the new 45nm Deneb Core … Go To Full Article

Zotac 9600GT equipped with six ouputs (VGA, 2xDVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, TV-Out)

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Zotac is going to launch yet another card in its 9600GT series, the ZT-96TES3D-FSP-512D3. The special thing about this new card is its dual slot back plate which has all the possible connectors that you'll need and also a fact… Go To Full Article

Texas Memory SSD Breaks Speed, Capacity Record

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The SSD in an enterprise environment often takes on a different form factor though and the latest of these enterprise SSDs is from Texas Memory. Texas Memory says that its RamSan-440 can sustain a record setting 600,000 IOPS (input/outputs per… Go To Full Article

Survey predicts upgrade disaster for Windows Vista

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Microsoft painted a rosy picture of increasing Windows Vista demand during its most recent quarter conference call, but the reality may look different, if the results of a survey of systems management appliance is somewhat correct: Apparently, six out of… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 8.7 vs 8.6 Comparison

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While the new drivers don’t offer massive performance gains or anything like that, there are a number of nice little bumps on offer here today. With the fixes implemented in the driver, they’re a good upgrade for most users. People… Go To Full Article

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