OCZ Mini-Kart 1GB Flash Drive

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The OCZ Mini-Kart redefines the meaning of thumb drive. While regular USB sticks are your full thumb's length, if not more, the Mini Kart goes merely to your thumb's first segment. With a height of only 2.8mm it is ideal…

First DHCP 7600GT card from MSI Pics

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We just published some pics of the 7600GT from MSI which includes HDCP chip. It's a ViVo one, with a non-reference cooling system. HDMI is not included, DVI only, it's priced @ 219 € VAT in (19.6 % here in…

Zalman VF900-Cu Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler

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Zalman continues to innovate in the field of high performance, low noise cooling. The VF-900Cu provided excellent cooling performance and was able to do so with absolutely no noise. Even at full speed, the cooler was quieter than the stock…

Seagate NL35.2 Series, ST3500641NS 500GB drive

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Today, we're going to review a drive that may play a role in in removing one of the remaining two check marks, longevity. Seagate recently introduced the new NL35™ series of SATA drives which they call 'Near Line' that takes…

EVGA is proud to announce the EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT Signature Series

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The EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT Signature Series™ cards features amazing clock speeds of • Core Clock: 600+MHz • Memory Clock: 1600+MHz (effective)

ATI sued over HDCP claims

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A CLASS action has started in the USA alleging that ATI Technologies' graphics cards don't support HDCP although it claims they do. A filing made by Stanley Batsalkin and Kenny Vargas on behalf of themselves and others…

What Can Mandriva Linux 2006 Mean for Home Users?

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What can Mandriva Linux 2006 mean for home users? is an article giving an extensive explanation about the pro's and con's of using a linux distribution such as Mandriva Linux 2006. It was written with people in mind that are…

Vista Won't Support 1394b at Launch

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The EETimes reports that Microsoft Windows Vista will not support IEEE-1394b, also known as Firewire-B, at launch. The EETimes claims a Microsoft representative attending a recent 1394b trade meeting announced that Vista wouldn’t support the standard at launch but would…

Intel's Merom and Conroe get a new name: Core 2 Duo

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As of Monday, Intel will announce that Merom/Conroe will be called "Core 2 Duo/Solo," and not simply "Core Duo/Solo" as most of us originally thought. Also, we're apparently not yet rid of that favorite holdover from late 90's branding, the…

DFI CFX3200-DR: ATI RD580 Tweak Attack

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For these reasons the DFI partnership with ATI in developing and marketing motherboards based on the new ATI chipsets is particularly interesting. ATI realized early on that if DFI delivered a top performing enthusiast board based on an ATI chipset…

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