MSI MEGA mPC 51PV Barebone

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In this article we shall have a look at a barebone of the standard form-factor (if the term "standard" is at all applicable). A "cubic" computer chassis with integrated graphics, but not without an additional slot for a fully-fledged graphics… Go To Full Article

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Compound

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Tuniq launches a new thermal compound that should be available September 10, 2007. We put it to the test against Arctic Silver 5 and the older TX-1 compound to see how easy it is to work with, how easy it… Go To Full Article

Intel P35 Express chipset

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The P35 is a successor of Intel's P965 Express chipset. Many marketing pitch and reviews alike seem conclude that there's three things P35 offer over P965 - official support for 1333 MHz bus, Intel's upcoming 45nm Penryn… Go To Full Article

Kingwin Mach 1 ABT-800MA1S Review

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When it comes to choosing a PSU there are many manufacturers to choose from, who all claim to have the ideal power solution for your high powered system. Post people won't bother searching around and will go for a tried… Go To Full Article

BlastFlow Siberian Modular VGA

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The concept of a modular block means it's also resellable - so you're more likely to invest in it in the first place, even if you chose not to continue with watercooling at your next upgrade cycle. Your… Go To Full Article

Benchmark Reviews Sept '07 Contest

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Benchmark Reviews has been on the web for almost six months, and September is our milestone month of celebration. We are proud to announce our first contest, and would like to reward some very lucky participants with their chance to… Go To Full Article

Sparkle Geforce 8800 GTS 640Mb for only €338

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The Sparkle SFPX88GTS640 comes with nVidia latest new unified architecture which comes with tons of new technologies and no other graphic GPU can compete until now. It brings you to a total new era in graphic world. It also complies… Go To Full Article

CPU, memory smugglers nabbed due to unexpected fog

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After opening the suspect luggage, registered to the name of four Brazilian "tourists", they found six thousand RAM DIMMs, 2,300 processors (brand not specified), 780 thumb drives, 47 laptop hard drives, 11 flash memory cards, and five digicams. Go To Full Article

JEDEC to Standardize Solid State Drives

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JEDEC, the association that sets standard for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and some other integrated circuits, has announced that it would work to standardize solid state drives (SSDs) as well. The move outlines importance of SSDs going forward and… Go To Full Article

Plextor Faces Reorganization As Parent Company Takes Over

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As announced earlier this year, Plextor on the 30th of August officially transferred its optical drive business to Shinano Kenshi, an industrial group in Japan. Sales of Plextor-branded devices will continue going forward, but the reorganization will imminently cause… Go To Full Article

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