Eee PC mod brings some internal Bluetooth

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The Asus Eee PC isn't missing many must-have specs right out of the box, but there's always going to be a reason or three for some internal Bluetooth. Luckily, the hack really isn't too terribly difficult as demonstrated by tnkgrl… Go To Full Article

Greenpeace report bashing Nintendo and Apple undermined by flawed research

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Apple's ongoing spat with Greenpeace has produced plenty of publicity, and undoubtedly encouraged Apple to start talking openly about its environmental plans. So, Greenpeace has decided to expand the scope of its investigations in its latest report, bringing in game… Go To Full Article

Holiday Buyers' Guide: Cases, Power, and Storage

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In our first Holiday Buyers' Guide, we put together the core of the system; now it's time to take care of the remaining pieces. Need to know where you're going to store all those programs, movies, pictures, music, etc.? Perhaps… Go To Full Article

Leadtek introduces affordable Geforce 8800 GT 256Mb Version

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Leadtek WinFast® PX8800 GT 256MB Taipei, Taiwan, November 28th, 2007-- Leadtek Research Inc., known globally for extreme visual graphics technology development, today… Go To Full Article

All Intel Nehalem CPUs not created equally

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Intel will have three different desktop CPU's based on its upcoming Nehalem core which should arrive sometime late next year. The initial version is the Bloomfield core, which is the one Intel hyped at IDF, but this is the top… Go To Full Article

Optimus Maximus in minimus sub-$1000 configurations

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The $1,564, 113-key Optimus Maximus is priced way, way beyond most people's budget for a keyboard. But man, you still ache for those programmable OLED keys. Now's your chance. Starting February 20th, 2008, Art Lebedev comes true to his word… Go To Full Article

HP Skin Patch May Replace Needles

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HP and Crospon have developed a skin patch employing microneedles that barely penetrate the skin. The microneedles can replace conventional injections and deliver drugs through the skin without causing any pain. The skin patch technology also enables delivery of several… Go To Full Article

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 Approaching the Market

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Advanced Micro Devices plans to return ATI Mobility Radeon back into high-performance notebooks with the new graphics product called ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800, which is based on the company’s new graphics architecture. ATI Technologies used to… Go To Full Article

Ultra m998 Review

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The Ultra company has come up with a great idea that helps with the management of the power wires inside of the case. This idea is called the Ultra Power Bar that is located on the motherboard tray. The Ultra… Go To Full Article

Is AMD starting to lose its marbles again?

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A closer look at how AMD works their PR muscle to unsuccesfully try and steer the press and the public opinion in a direction they see fit. Go To Full Article

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