Notebook Supplier Overclocks Processors in Laptops

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This is no news that there are system makers who ship personal computers (PCs) with pre-overclocked processors, but so far virtually no mobile computer vendors have shipped their products featuring processors running beyond official speed-bins. However, Rockdirect, a U.K.-based notebook…

Playstation Launch Date and Official Details Announced

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November 17 ship date, new controller, hard drive, free online service Sony just finished up the company's E3 official announcement of Playstation 3. As expected, the company has confirmed that the console will ship early November 2006… Go To Full Article

Kingwin KF-25 Data Dock 2.5" HDD Enclosure

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The front portion of the KF-25 includes a 4-port USB HUB Tray and 2.5" HDD Tray. These pocket sized devices can be used right at home within the Data Dock, or on their own with a USB cable.…

Aerocool XFire CPU Cooler

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Aerocool is a great name for a company that makes cooling products don't you think? The name alone is sleek and conjures visions of futuristic looking things and technology. Today for review I have the AeroCool Xfire CPU cooler, and…

Antec P180 Performance One Chassis

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The Antec P-180 or P-180B cases are true Antec all the way and definitely a viable mid-sized solution that won't disappoint you. It has style and class which is good for any personal or professional user. As I pointed out…

BFG Ageia PhysX Physics Processing Card - Analysis and Showcase

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When Mountain View California start-up Ageia announced a new co-processor architecture for Desktop 3D Graphics that offloaded the heavy burden physics places on the CPU-GPU rendering pipeline, the industry applauded what looked like the enablement of a new era of…

More Headaches from Vista Security

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Windows Vista may have some serious headaches in store for corporate users with third-party authentication systems like VPNs. From the article: "ISVs say rewriting their code for the new architecture will produce headaches that will extend to their customers that…

Thermaltake Aguila Aluminium Case

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Thermaltake have made a great case, unfortunately they have made it so that any DFI owner who chooses to use DFI’s audio module (and there are a lot of us) can’t use a rear fan, on the inside of the…

Powercolor Radeon X1900GT takes on Gainward 7900 GT

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Based on what we've seen Radeon X1900 GT is a good card but it simply cannot keep up with Gainward's 7900 GT card. The Nvidia-powered card simply runs faster and twelve pipes of R580 chip at 585MHz just cannot keep…

Silicon Graphics filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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BOSTON, May 8 (Reuters) - Silicon Graphics Inc. known for computers that create special effects for Hollywood movies, on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sending the once-hot technology company's shares plunging 82 percent. SGI said it expects to…

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