MSI NX7900GS-T2D512E-OC Geforce 7900GS Videocard

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MSI has always excelled in videocard overclocking - maybe it's that shade of red they coat every motherboard and videocard with.... As the MSI NX7900GS-T2D512E-OC comes from the factory already pretty heavily overclocked, we're not expecting too much more from… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Bach VX

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Thermaltake has long been known for its unique cooling and Case designs, today’s review is no different. 3DXtreme is looking at one of their latest Case releases, the Bach VX Mid-Tower Case. The Bach VX features and aluminum front bezel… Go To Full Article

Noctua NC-U6 Heatpipe Chipset Cooler

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Looking through the past, we didn’t forget about Noctua’s traditional high quality and the NC-U6 noiseless cooler, featuring good performances and easy-of-use, didn’t disappoint our expectation. The reached level of machining is comparable to almost every cpu-cooler in the market… Go To Full Article

ABIT AB9 Pro Intel P965 Express Motherboard

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The ABIT AB9 Pro uses a rather distinctive layout, so at first glance some connectors look haphazardly placed. In practice the board is pretty easy to hook up, and where connectors look out of place there is actually extra room… Go To Full Article

TSMC Set to Start 45nm Production in September

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest contract semiconductor maker, has announced that it would start production of chips using 45nm fabrication process in September. According to the company, over ten customers already tried the new technology with many… Go To Full Article

TheInq tours eVGA testing facilities

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The guys told us that the yield for ACS3 cards is around 20 per cent, while Black Pearl is even less than that. EVGA's Team is also putting together different versions of firmware, to be able to achieve more performance… Go To Full Article

[M] Coolermaster X Craft 250 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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This slim device allows any 2.5 inch drive to be used an external storage device without the use of an extra adapter, using only USB to take care of the data connection and power. Go To Full Article

Dell buys tons of AMD graphics chips

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As yet unlaunched, its DX10 entry-level chip, R(V)610 is already set to become the fastest-selling graphics chip of all time. OEMs just went beserk for these cards, able to bring Vista capabilities and gaming at baseline resolutions for a very… Go To Full Article

Meet AMD's 65nm R600 - the R650

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R600 is going to be more affordable than any GPU part after Radeon 9700Pro and 9800Pro. AMD wants to undercut current high-end price bracket by $100-150, so expect an 8800GTX performing part for the price of 8800GTS. This is not… Go To Full Article

BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTX OC2

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BFGTech has, once again, delivered a powerful video card with a high factory overclock, and a lifetime warranty. The bundle is nothing to get excited about, but the video card itself is the star of the package anyway. In a… Go To Full Article

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