Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler

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Coming from the same brand, these two air coolers are just too different to end their today’s competition with a draw. We are going to introduce to you the newest Thermaltake cooler – MaxOrb. Let find out if defeats the… Go To Full Article

Four gaming mice tested

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here are so many factors to get right – form, number of buttons and the resistance they give, extra features and availability to left handed users, all of these play a part. That’s even neglecting the whole wired/wireless debate that… Go To Full Article

Samsung 206BW 20 Inch LCD Display

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The 206BW is Samsung's 20inch widescreen workhorse. It has some very nice features, but is priced to sell... this is to say that it is designed to compete with some of Samsung's more price-conscious competitors. With a current street price… Go To Full Article

AMD Q1 2007 earnings conference call notes

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I have posted up my notes here from AMD's Q1 2007 earnings call. This one is the best one in some time, and is chock full of details on Barcelona, R600, 45nm progress, 300mm fab progress, and desktop Barcelona parts.… Go To Full Article

Mushkin HP2-6400 DDR2 800 Mhz Tested

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So you have been thinking about that next upgrade, wondering which component will help you over your next performance hurdle. How about 4 gigabytes of system memory? I know what you are thinking, though. You are thinking that nobody has… Go To Full Article

Mushkin Releases HP2-6400 4GB Memory Kit

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Mushkin adds the HP2-6400 5-4-4 kit to its high-performance 4GB DDR2 lineup. DENVER,CO (April 19, 2007) – Mushkin, a global leader in high performance computer products, today released the HP2-6400 5-4-4 modules available in… Go To Full Article

Xclio Stable Power 1000W Power Supply

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Xclio is working on making a name for themselves with a line of high quality cases and power supplies, and I recently took a look at one of their power supply units, the Stable Power 500W. I had mixed feelings… Go To Full Article

ZEROtherm GX810 VGA Cooler

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ZEROtherm make products that cool and stay quiet, as our GX700 series review showed. But today I have the GX810 which is a step up from the GX710, with more fins, LEDs, temperature controlled fan and other extra fancy bits.… Go To Full Article

Nexus NHP-2200 Northbridge Cooler

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The NHP-2200 is Nexus Technology's silent, universal answer to today's ever hotter motherboard chipsets. Let's see if it can successfully live up to its claims of effective cooling and zero noise. Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 2GB DDR2 Kit

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Crucial may not currently hold the record for having the fastest DDR2 modules on the market, but that doesn't mean we can't have a go at overclocking their recently released Ballistix PC2-8500 2GB kit! Read on to find out how… Go To Full Article

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