World of Warcraft Geek Has 46 PCs running the game

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If you count the number of PCs, you'll get 47. My girlfriend controls 23 and I control 23. The other one is a server. All but 2 of those pcs are diskless. It got to the point that… Go To Full Article

AMD Invests $7.5 Million In Transmeta

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As part of the investment, AMD will receive preferred shares of Transmeta. After the announcement, Transmeta shares rose 24 cents, or 34 percent, to 94 cents in late trading. Shares of AMD rose 20 cents, or 1.4 percent, to $14.39. Go To Full Article

Akasa AK-876 AMD Athlon64 Heatsink

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Akasa's AK-876 heatsink utilizes three 'U' shaped copper heatpipes to connect a compact copper base block with widely spaced aluminum fins. It's 95mm PWM fan spins only as fast as needed to achieve good temperature control, and works well at… Go To Full Article

Gainward BLISS 8600 GTS 256MB GS Edition

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Gainward is a world leading producer of high-quality, high-end 3D accelerators for the personal computer market. With the introduction of the first GeForce 8 series at the end of last year we saw from NVIDIA the high-end product range coming… Go To Full Article

DDR2 vs DDR3: The Battle of Latency vs. Bandwidth

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Today we are going to take a look at a new DDR3 motherboard, and a new DDR3 memory module - but before we do that, let's take a quick look at how we got here... In the… Go To Full Article

Cool Linux Based Car PC Mod

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I created this page because, while there are plenty of CarPC (Car Computer, Carputer, whatever you prefer) installs out there, I could not find any well documented LINUX based setups. As you will see, with a little effort you can… Go To Full Article

Quick Look At Video Card Tweaking and Overclocking Utilities

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We have seen several third-party tools that offer these missing features and controls, and often in a much smaller footprint than the first-party tools they augment or replace. It goes without saying that ATI, NVIDIA, and their customers are all… Go To Full Article

[M] ATI HD 2900 XT 512Mb vs NVIDIA 8800 GTS 320Mb Review

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We take an in-depth look at how the new ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT 512Mb stacks up to the lower price NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTS 320Mb; comparing overclocked performance and scaling as well as Crossfire tested with multiple games. Can… Go To Full Article

[M] Eagle Tech 2xSATA D-Series External Raid Storage Review

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The newly released Consus D-Series 3.5inch hard drive enclosure provides room from 2 HDDS, it supports Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS 10.2 or above in Raid 0 or JBOD via USB and Firewire. When high capacity is what you are… Go To Full Article

Sony cuts PS3 price by $100

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Although Sony has yet to confirm a price drop officially, GameDaily BIZ has been told by its chums in the retail sector that the PS3 will be dropped to $499 next week and this has been confirmed by a rush… Go To Full Article

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