Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU Cooler

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Cooler Master have made some bold claims about their new Z600 cooler. We put the Z600 to the test to find out if it can really live up to the hype. Go To Full Article

Glacialtech Igloo 7223 Light E Heatsink Review

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The Igloo 7223 Light E is a fairly compact AMD K8 heatsink, made just of extruded aluminum with a 70mm fan. The Glacialtech Igloo 7223 Light E is rated for a maximum load of 80W, and is very quiet. Glacialtech's… Go To Full Article

Galaxy 9600GT OC Review

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Although ATI are taking all the top spots in the graphics card game at the moment, nVidia have their own offerings that promise good performance at a reasonable price. One such card is the mid-range 9600GT OC from Galaxy, which… Go To Full Article

Antec Three HundredPC Case

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With the Three Hundred, Antec offers for the fisrt time a low cost gaming PC Case. With a price under 50 €, is the three hundred the best low priced choice ? Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology Unveils the Gladiator and Gladiator Max CPU Coolers

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OCZ Technology Unveils the Gladiator and Gladiator Max CPU Coolers Designed for the Latest High Performance Processors Delft, Netherlands—September 12, 2008—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (LSE: OCZ) a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability… Go To Full Article

iTunes 8 a Real Killer App; Taking Down Vista

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Apple 's latest version of iTunes crashes Windows Vista when an iPod or iPhone is connected to the PC, scores of users have reported on Apple's support forum. Plug in and Vista crashes and shows the 'blue screen of death.'… Go To Full Article

Nehalem and memory overclocking

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We've posted information regarding Intel's Nehalem platform and its support for various DDR3 memory clock frequencies in the past. We've come across some more now, actually a lot more. As stated in the previous reports, the Nehalem platform will officially… Go To Full Article

Fusion IODrive Benchmarks: 650mb/s write speed

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The drive installs in any 64-BIT version of Windows as a mass storage controller. VERY EASY TO INSTALL. Note: AGAIN, it will only work in 64-bit Windows such as XP- 64 and Vista 64 AND Linux. Note: The IO Drive… Go To Full Article

New AMD Stream SDK brings Vista, Radeon HD 4800 support

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AMD might not devote quite as many resources to pimping its GPGPU efforts as Nvidia, but that doesn't mean it's not working hard on the concept. As a matter of fact, AMD has just unveiled a new version of its… Go To Full Article

Intel plans 160GB 1.8 inch SSD

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Intel plans to release X18-M version of its 1.8-inch drive in 160GB. Currently Intel is shipping 80GB versions of this tiny drive and at some point in Q1 2009 drive capacity will double. We are not sure… Go To Full Article

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