Danger Den Torture Rack Fast-Access Water/Air Cooling Case

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Danger Den has squeezed out the Torture Rack Fast-Access Water/Air Cooling Case. Originally a case conceptualized for their own nefarious machinations, they have unleashed it on a rather suspecting world- since it is not yet on display at Mme Tussaud's,… Go To Full Article

Antec Sonata III Case

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Generally, cases with a power supply are intended for the budget market. I believe Antec had this in mind with the Antec Sonata III Case. This product is mostly steel with a stylish plastic front bezel. There are 3x5.25, 2x3.5… Go To Full Article

Computer Crashes Worse Than Breakups

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ATI works on dual chip high end card for 2008

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There won’t be any new R600 or any other high end graphic card to fight Geforce8800 Ultra, at least not this year. ATI lost this year’s high end market to G80 completely but it will make money on the entry… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 2400 is slower than NVIDIA 8400GS

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It seems that in a head to head comparison, Nvidia might have a winner, since 8400GS running at 450/400 (GPU: RAM in DDR mode) will score around 1600 3DMarks 06, while HD 2400 Pro at 520 MHz for the GPU… Go To Full Article

Motherboard Makers Unenthusiastic about DDR3 Memory

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In spite of memory module makers’ enthusiasm about DDR3, mainboard makers are not as close as excited about the new memory type. Many of system board designers are placing slots for previous generation DDR2 memory even on enthusiast-class platforms, which… Go To Full Article

Dual 8-Core Opteron hidden by 128GB memory modules

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This new machine arrived at work the other day, for us to set up. There are 8 dual-core Opterons in there somewhere, running at 2.8GHz each (as I recall) ... but they're hard to see as they are tucked away… Go To Full Article

Another Microsoft Open Secret: Windows Vista SP1 Exists

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AFAIK, SP1 is still on track to be delivered simultaneously with Windows Server 2008. It's far enough away from Vista's RTM and close enough away to shipping that Microsoft should confirm its existence. In fact, beta testers should be given… Go To Full Article

Nvidia denies giving SLI to Intel

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AFTER SEEING THAT several Intel partners talked about Chipzilla getting a licence for SLI multi-technology and even showcased upcoming motherboards with SLI support, we got a request from Nvidia to correct our story. Go To Full Article

Micron 2Gbit DDR3 ready to go

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Micron Technology is on its way to producing DDR3, and the company believes it is in a favorable position to offer competitive pricing and take the lead in the next-generation SDRAM race. However, the transition to DDR3 will not come… Go To Full Article

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