Firefox Spoofing Bug Puts Passwords At Risk

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Aviv Raff, an Israeli researcher known for his work in hunting browser bugs, has revealed a Firefox spoofing vulnerability which could allow identity thieves to dupe users into giving up their password. According to Mr. Raff Firefox fails to sanitize… Go To Full Article

CoolIT will seriously water cool at CES

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CoolIT will show Freezone Elite, which is a TEC cooler bundled with the so called MTEC Control Center and dual TEC graphics card cooling solution branded Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler. Next in line is the pre-assembled CPU water cooling… Go To Full Article

Asus formally splits into three companies

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Asustek's plan to promote and build the Asus brand has always involved splitting the company into three distinct units, and it looks like the company has finally gone ahead and taken that step -- say hello to the new Asus,… Go To Full Article

HD Monitor Causes DRM Issues with Netflix

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When I called them they confirmed my worst fears. In order to access the Watch Now service, I had to give Microsoft's DRM sniffing program access to all of the files on my hard drive. If the software found any… Go To Full Article

GeForce 9800 GX2 Pics & Specs

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The GeForce 9800 GX2 will launch in late February or early March as it now stands and will replace the 8800 Ultra (single GPU) card in NVIDIA's high-end product line up. The 9800 GX2 is said to be at least… Go To Full Article

Luxury Car Designed with NVIDIA Quadro Graphics

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NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies, today announced NVIDIA Quadro┬« professional graphics have been selected by DiMora Motorcar to engineer the Natalia SLS 2 luxury sport sedan, which according to DiMora Motorcar, is the world's most luxurious, expensive,… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Details GeForce 9600 GT

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Corporate guidance from NVIDIA lists the initial GeForce 9600 GT shipments come stock with a 650 MHz core clock and a 1625 MHz unified shader clock. Unlike the G84 core found on GeForce 8600 GT, D9M will feature a 256-bit… Go To Full Article

The ethics of "stealing" a WiFi connection

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Network security firm Sophos recently published a study on what it terms WiFi "piggybacking," or logging on to someone's open 802.11b/g/n network without their knowledge or permission. According to the company's study, which was carried out on behalf of The… Go To Full Article

ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf

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One feature that should stand out is the amount of memory. Previous reports stated the 2G Surf model would have only 256MB of memory when released. In fact, the 2G Surf models are shipping with 512MB of memory. This is… Go To Full Article

Patriot Memory DDR3 PC-10666 7-7-7-20

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The Patriot Memory DDR3-1333 had a good amount of headroom for the stock settings. If you're dying to enter the DDR3 game but don't have a lot of cash to your name, this wouldn't be a bad place… Go To Full Article

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