A look at Solid State Drives (SSD) v. Hard Drives (HD)

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Like rocket cars, moon vacations and watchable online video we all know that solid-state drives (SSD) are the future. Of course it will be a long time before any of us can afford to replace that 2TB drive with one,… Go To Full Article

Intel-TSMC Atom System-on-Chip Pact on Hiatus: No Demand from Customers

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The partnership between Intel Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company under which the latter would produce system-on-chips (SoCs) based on Atom processing cores is currently on hiatus for the short term due to lack of demand from potential customers. However,… Go To Full Article

Box Shots of Geforce GTX 480

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Whilst navigating through the tech-filled halls at CeBIT 2010, keen to spot NVIDIA's next-generation graphics architecture, we were told that board partners would be wheeling in the high-end GTX 480 card in closed PCs, limiting the press' chances of getting… Go To Full Article

DDR2 and DDR3 Prices On The Rise

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Prices for DDR2 chips are expected to rise again in the second quarter mainly due to reduced production at makers, with the pricing showing more strength than the DDR3 segment, according to Jance Lu, chairperson of memory-module house Power Quotient… Go To Full Article

Sapphire showing off 4GB Radeon HD 5970 At Cebit

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Sapphire Technology is not missing out on the CeBIT show in Hannover and will be there this week (CeBIT starts tomorrow) to present to the world various products. At Sapphire's booth you'll be able to see lots of graphics cards,… Go To Full Article

ECS unveils trio of AMD 890GX motherboards

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Elitegroup Computer Systems aka ECS has just introduced its own AMD 890GX motherboard line which includes three models - the A890GXM-AU, A890GXM-A and IC890GXM-A. All coming in an ATX form factor, the 890GX/SB850 boards have support for AM3 processors, include… Go To Full Article

Team Group Xtreem-S1 SSD Has SandForce Controller

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Like rivals OCZ and A-Data, Team Group is also adopting SandForce's solid state drive controllers, and its first SandForce-based product is going to be on display at CeBIT in Hannover. Known as the Xtreem-G1, Team Group's 2.5-inch SSD comes in… Go To Full Article

Thwart robbers with an old smoke alarm

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[Anders] tipped us off about his hack that re-purposes a smoke alarm as a burglar alarm. Unfortunately, he came home in the middle of a burglary but wanted to be ready the next time someone tries to break in. By… Go To Full Article

TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor (RBE) 1.25 Released

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TechPowerUp released the latest version of its Radeon BIOS Editor (RBE). Version 1.25 packs support for components of a host of new ATI Radeon graphics processors, notably belonging to the new Radeon HD 5000 series. Several improvements to the application's… Go To Full Article

Intel Reduces Size of S775 Reference Coolers

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Intel has come up with a new design for its Fan Heat-sink Assembly (FHSA) it bundles with some (presumably dual-core) boxed socket LGA-775 processors. The new design aims at making it slightly more cost-effective by reducing the metal content, and… Go To Full Article

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