TOP 9 Windows Performance Tweaking Myths

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As a tech writer, one of my biggest pet peeves is the plethora of bad advice littered across almost every web site dedicated to system tweaking. Besides the tweaks that simply don't work, some of them will actually cause your… Go To Full Article

Aerocool S9 Standard PC Case Preview

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This new Aerocool S9 case is offered currently in three different editions. The S9 pro version impresses with an enormous 400mm fan in the side panel, the S9 A version is provided with an acrylic glass side panel… Go To Full Article

ASUS GeForce 9800 GTX+ TOP Graphics Card

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We saw the 9800 GTX+ launch a little bit back, but samples have been scarce and stock has been even harder to get a hold of. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a card be a paper launch, but… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX 3GB Notebook Memory Review

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I'm thoroughly satisfied with the upgrade. What else can I say? Being a hardware enthusiast I just feel better having a larger, faster and a lower latency memory kit in my laptop. And to have it come from a top… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREME P45 Motherboard Review

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There are two kinds of computer enthusiasts in this world: those with a personal connection to the system motherboard, and those who simply refer to the part as a computer mainboard. For overclockers, the relationship with a well-designed motherboard can… Go To Full Article

ASRock P45R2000-WiFi DDR2 / DDR3 (P45) Motherboard Review

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Following up the X48TurboTwins-WiFi, ASRock continues with the philosophy of catering to the mid-range and high-end (enthusiast) markets with a board utilizing another new Intel chipset, the P45R2000-WiFi. The latest from ASRock is based off the popular Intel P45 chipset,… Go To Full Article

BFG Tech LS-550 Power Supply Review

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I was impressed with the BFG Tech LS-550 power supply. For a standard-sized ATX with a smallish 550W rating it's got a nice heft to it. While weight certainly isn't the sole factor in how well a power supply will… Go To Full Article

AMD 790GX Chipset Review ~ 32FPS in Crysis

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AMD built one heck of a north bridge chip with the 780G. Not only does it feature the fastest integrated graphics core around in the Radeon HD 3200, but the 780G is also capable of full Blu-ray decode acceleration for… Go To Full Article

ECS P45T-A Motherboard Review

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On the flip side, I did go into this review with high hopes considering the other Black Series boards I have tested, but I was left with a sour taste when it came to the overclocking side of the review.… Go To Full Article

BFG 9800 GX2 1GB Video Card Review

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It would be very, very hard not to covet this video card. I know I recently said that the 9800 GTX was the sexy card, but this one might actually look nicer, eye of the beholder and all. And it's… Go To Full Article

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