More ATI Radeon HD 2600 and HD 2400 Details Unveiled

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AMD and add-in board partners will offer a variety of ATI Radeon HD 2600-based graphics cards. The different models include variations with GDDR4, GDDR3 and DDR2 memory in 512MB or 256MB configurations with or without video input and output capabilities. Go To Full Article

Super Talent SSD: 16GB of Solid State Goodness

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Our technology preview today is based on the Super Talent SSD16GB25/25M Flash Drive that is being introduced into the commercial and industrial markets at this time. This drive has lower performance capabilities than the recently released consumer drives from SanDisk… Go To Full Article

AMD to offer speed boosts on Barcelona

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So what do you end up with? A massive gain in frequency. How massive? Almost 500MHz. Instead of the much touted launch parts, look for five SKUs at launch, AM2 quads at 2.6GHz, 2.7GHz and 2.9GHz, a dual at 2.7GHz… Go To Full Article

Conan O'Brien Visits Intel

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Youtube flick of Conan O'Brien taking a tour at the Intel head quarters in Santa Clara. Go To Full Article

[M] AMD Athlon 3000+ Overclocking, going for 100% OC on Dry Ice

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We overclock a golden oldie, the Athlon 3000+ was a favorite among hardware enthusiasts back in May 2005, now-a-days it's Core 2 Duo, but with the help of some Dry Ice we can extract a bit more power from this… Go To Full Article

Comprehensive RAID performance report

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Storage is one of those things that we can never get enough of both in capacity and in performance. This article is going to compare a large set of RAID performance data and perhaps debunk some storage myths. I ran… Go To Full Article

Enermax Uber Chakra Case

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Besides being a well-known power supply manufacturer, Enermax also manufactures cases. Today we are going to take a look on their latest release, Uber Chakra, a 5-bay case featuring a colossal 250 mm fan on the side panel Go To Full Article

Viewsonic VX2435wm 24" LCD

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Large widescreen displays are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst gaming enthusiasts. The ViewSonic VX2435wm 24inch Widescreen LCD has elegant styling and loaded with features, but falls short on overall display quality, especially for the computer user. I found… Go To Full Article

EVGA 680i LT motherboard

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This is the first 680i LT motherboard we test and compared with other 680i based motherboards showed good performance and of course overclocking abilities Go To Full Article

P35 "Bearlake" Preview

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The P35 is the first chipset that will be released belonging to the Bearlake family - all members of which are made on a 65nm process, a which should allow for lower voltages and higher speeds. It will also bring… Go To Full Article

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