Rydermark 2006 - New DirectX 9 benchmark set to make a splash

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The benchmark will also feature 64-bit (HDR) High Dynamic Range Lighting with Anti-aliasing, soft shadows, intense GPU-accelerated 3D particle systems, dynamic reflections and refraction, full scene motion blur, depth of field high resolution textures, 5.1 surround sound; Yada, yada.

AMD K8L: Quad Core Desktops And So Much More

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K8L processors are expected to be very co-processor friendly, allowing for additional HT and HTX interconnects specifically for math or cryptography acceleration. Current Opteron 2xx and 8xx processors use three HyperTransport links per die, but AMD's documentation did not reveal…

Transmeta 700Mhz chip consumes only 1 Watt

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At a demonstration of the new chip Tuesday night, it ran ``Quake 2,'' a PC game by id Software. At 700 megahertz, the chip consumed less than 1 watt, a level of power efficiency appropriate for a handheld device that…

AMD Turion 64 X2 - socket S1 and DDR2

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Thanks to a contact at a OEM, we could provide us a portable computer equipped with Turion 64 X2 TL-60 given rhythm to 2 GHz. We have decides to logically oppose it to a portable computer equipped with Core Duo,…

14-Way PSU Roundup

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Since our first power supply group test, the quality of the power supplies we are seeing is considerably better. I'd like to think that thanks to the use of proper testing equipment, we amongst other publications have helped to make…

Club 3D releases Aqua1900: high performance water block for ATI X1800 and 1900 Series

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Club 3D has developed the CQA-X1900 in conjunction with Aqua Computer, being the highest performing water cooler to date for all X1900X/1800 VGA cards. With a solid aluminum construction and an innovative spring loaded copper GPU contact,… Go To Full Article

eVGA releases superclocked 7900GT - 580/1580Mhz (reference 450/1320!)

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Brea, California and Munich, Germany - May 16, 2006 — EVGA Corporation, one of the leading-edge 3D processor and motherboard manufacturers, today announced the latest model in its premier product family, the EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT KO. … Go To Full Article

Seagate's Acquisition of Maxtor to Finalize Soon

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In a matter of days we will never see the Maxtor name on the New York Stock Exchange again as shareholders of Seagate Technology and Maxtor Corporation have approved the acquisition of all of Maxtor's assets by Seagate. Under the…

Microsoft Fixes Windows XP SP2 Laptop Battery Drain Problem

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The Core Duo battery drain saga that was originally reported by Tom's Hardware has resurfaced. Anand Shimpi later correctly proved that the battery drain bug had absolutely nothing to do with Core Duo, but was actually a problem with Windows…

Corsair EPP Technology Interview

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NVIDIA unveiled a new technology designed for overclockers called EPP, or Enhanced Performance Profiles. NVIDIA chose Corsair to be their joint partner during production and in launch, so we sat down with John Beekley to ask some burning questions about…

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